Sally Eaton

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Sally Eaton
Born (1947-04-06) April 6, 1947 (age 74)
Warren, Pennsylvania
Occupation Stage actress, singer,
priestess, liturgist

Sally Eaton is a Wiccan High Priestess, liturgist, singer and actress, whose credits include creating and playing the role of Jeanie in the stage production of the hit Broadway musical Hair,[1] and, as a member of Doric Wilson's professional theater company TOSOS (The Other Side of Silence), acting in the Doric Wilson plays Now She Dances![2] and Street Theater.[3]

In the mid-1970s she migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, becoming a third degree Priestess in New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn[4] and was heavily involved[weasel words] in the West Coast Craft Tradition and the California revival of the Ordo Templi Orientis.[5]

She contributed to many[which?] of the early ADF rituals[6] and published material,[7][not in citation given] and to the music and lyrics of the songs on the album, Avalon is Rising![8] Her eclectic magical background ranges from Golden Dawn and O.T.O. material[9] to Wiccan and Druidic styles, and she has presented lectures, rituals and performances at Neo-Pagan events.

Eaton remains[when?] a professional singer, best known for her rendition of the song "Air" in the hit Broadway musical Hair, and sings the blues professionally.[10]




  • Breathin is Believin / I Can Afford (Paramount Records)
  • Charlotte's in Trouble / I Don't Want to Need You Anymore (Paramount Records)
  • Once Before You Go / Long Time Lover (Paramount Records)


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