Samuel Stephens (North Carolina)

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Samuel Stephens
02º Proprietary Colony of Albemarle Sound
In office
Preceded by William Drummond
Succeeded by Peter Carteret
Personal details
Born 1629
Jamestown, Virginia
Died 1669
Albemarle County, North Carolina
Spouse(s) Frances Culpepper
Occupation Administrator (governor of North Carolina)

Samuel Stephens (1629–1669) was the Governor of the Albemarle colony (which would later become North Carolina) from 1667 until his death in late 1669. He was appointed by the Lords Proprietor to succeed William Drummond.

Early life and education

Stephens was born in Jamestown, Virginia and was the first governor of any colony to be born in America. His parents were Richard Stephens and Elizabeth Piersey Stephens.

In 1652, Stephens married Frances Culpepper, the sister of Lord John Culpeper. They had no children.[1] They owned Boldrup Plantation.[2]


Before King Charles II of England established the Province of Carolina, Stephens had served as "Commander of the Southern Plantation" for the Colony of Virginia between 1662 and 1664. The "Southern Plantation" roughly corresponded to what would later be northeastern North Carolina.


Stephens died while serving as Governor.[1]


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