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The Bishop of St Germans is an episcopal title which was used by Anglo Saxon Bishops of Cornwall and currently in use in the Church of England and in the Roman Catholic Church.

The title is used by suffragan bishops of the Church of England, and is currently used by a suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Truro.[1] In the Roman Catholic Church, Sanctus Germanus is a titular see, used as the title for a bishop who is not in charge of a diocese.[2]

The title takes its name after St Germans, a large village in Cornwall. In the 10th and 11th centuries, St Germans Priory was effectively the seat for the bishopric of Cornwall. In 1043, dioceses of Cornwall and Crediton merged under one bishop, and eventually they moved to Exeter in 1050.[3][4]

List of Anglican bishops

Bishops of St Germans
From Until Incumbent Notes
1905 1918 John Cornish
1918 1974 in abeyance
1974 1979 Richard Rutt Translated to Leicester
1979 1985 Br Michael (Fisher) SSF
1985 1992 Richard Llewellin Translated to Dover
1993 1999 Graham James Translated to Norwich
2000 2011 Roy Screech
2013 present Chris Goldsmith [5] Consecrated 14 May, installed 19 May 2013.
Source(s): [1]

List of Catholic bishops

Bishops of Sanctus Germanus
From Until Incumbent Notes
12 Feb 1970 10 Dec 1970 Pierre-Marie Théas Resigned
2 Feb 1972 31 Oct 1974 James Joseph McGuinness Succeeded to the See of Nottingham, of which he was Bishop Coadjutor
24 Jan 1976 27 Apr 2013 Joseph Peter O’Connell Died
31 Mar 2014 present Nicholas Gilbert Hudson Auxiliary Bishop in Westminster[6]
Source(s): [7]


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