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Sarah Ash is a British novelist. She began writing at a very young age, and at the age of twelve completed her first fantasy novel, which was called "The Miglas". She trained as a musician at New Hall, Cambridge, for four years and her interests in music and drama led her into becoming a schoolteacher. Each novel she writes has a "secret soundtrack". She also runs the library in a local primary school. Sarah Ash lives with her husband and two sons in Beckenham, Kent. Her sister Jessica Rydill is also a writer.[1] Her writings are similar to those of Joanne Bertin and Robin Hobb.


Tide Dragons

  • The Flood Dragon's Sacrifice (2014)

The Tears of Artamon

  • Lord of Snow and Shadows (2003)
  • Prisoner of Ironsea Tower (2004) also appeared as: Prisoner of the Iron Tower (2004)
  • Children of the Serpent Gate (2005)

The Alchymist's Legacy

  • Tracing the Shadow (2008)
  • Flight into Darkness (2009)

Other novels

  • Moths to a Flame (1995)
  • Songspinners (1996)
  • The Lost Child (1998)

Short Stories

  • Mothmusic (1992)
  • Airs from Another Planet (1994)
  • Brief Flare (1994)
  • Merveille (1998)
  • Divina: A Tale of Bel’Esstar (2003)


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