Sardar Patel University

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Sardar Patel University (SP University)
સરદાર પટેલ યુનિવર્સિટી
File:Sardar Patel Uni Admin Bldg.jpg
Motto शीलवृत्तफलं श्रुतम्
Motto in English
Character and Conduct are the Fruits of Learning
Established 1955
Type Public
Chancellor HE Governor of Gujarat by virtue of his office.
Vice-Chancellor Professor Harish Padh
Location Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India
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Affiliations UGC,NAAC

Sardar Patel University (SPU) is a university in Gujarat, India. It is named after Vallabhbhai Patel, and was founded in December 1955 by an Act of the Legislative Assembly of the then-Bombay Province and was UGC recognized under 2(f) of the UGC Act in October 1968. Originally it had the status of a rural university but now it has diversified with the motto of "Excellence Matters". The university is the first among all the universities in Gujarat to volunteer for the accreditation in 2000. Sardar Patel University is listed among Top 30 Universities in India.


The Sardar Patel University was dream of Shri Bhaikaka.Bhaikaka was thus at the peak of his career as an Engineer when he sought premature retirement from Government Service in 1940 at the behest of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and joined Ahmedabad Municipality as Chief Engineer. This was the time when his mentor, Sardar Patel began to visualise what a soon-to-be independent India would require, and advised him to give up all this and help him in transforming Charotar into the focal point of India by serving the rural countryside so as to control migration of people from villages to towns in search of education, employment and healthcare. Bhaikaka resigned from this office too in 1942 at the behest of Sardar Patel, and was appointed as Chairman of Charotar Education Society in Anand, a few years before moving on to what we now know as the township of Vallabh Vidyanagar on 3 March 1946, but not before registering Charutar Vidya Mandal as a Charitable Education Trust on 10 August 1945. What was once a wilderness at the tri-junction of Karamsad, Bakrol and Anand thus became Vallabh Vidyanagar, and the ‘Vallabh’ was prefixed to ‘Vidyanagar’ in recognition of Sardar’s advice to work for rural uplift. Containing migration required that the reasons for migration be addressed, and Bhaikaka began to work on a plan together with Shri Bhikhabhai Patel, a dedicated and farsighted educationist, who shared Bhaikaka’s vision.


Anand-Vidyanagar is on the Vadodara-Ahmedabad line of the Western Railway in the heart of Anand District of Gujarat.It is well connected with the rest of the country by railway network and roads.It is flanked by the two major airports of Gujarat:Sardar Patel International Airport at Ahmedabad and the Vadodara Airport,Vadodara.Vidyanagar is considered as Gujarat education hub.Vidyanagar is also known for student friendly environment and student diversity.

Departments and affiliated colleges

  • Department of Bio-Sciences
  • Department of Business Studies
  • Department of Business Management
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Computer Science and Technology
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Electronics
  • Department of English
  • Department of Gujarati
  • Department of Hindi
  • Department of History
  • Department of Home Science
  • Department of Library & Information Science
  • Department of Materials Science
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Media Studies
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Sanskrit
  • Department of Social Work (MSW)
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Statistics
  • University Science Instrumentation Center (USIC)

Affiliated colleges


  • Anand Arts College,Anand
  • Anand Institute of P.G. Studies in Arts,Anand
  • H.M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Institute Of Language Studies & Applied Social Sciences(ILSASS),Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Institute of Studies & Research in Renewal Energy,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Nalini Arvind & T.V. Patel Arts College,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • N.S. Patel Arts College,Anand
  • Paionner Arts College,Anand
  • Shri Bhaikhabhai Patel Arts College,Anand
  • Shree J.M. Patel Arts College,Anand


  • D C Patel School Of Architecture(APIED),Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Shantaben Manubhai Patel Institute of Architecture & Interior Design,New Vallabh Vidyanagar


  • Anand Mercantile college of science,management & computer technology, (AMCOST), Anand
  • AIMS College Of Management And Technology, Bakrol
  • Anand Commerce College, Anand
  • Anand Institute of Business Studies(AIBS), Anand
  • B.J. Vanijya Mahavidyalay(BJVM), Anand
  • C.P. Patel and H.F. Shah Commerce College, Anand
  • C.Z. Patel College Of Business & Management, New Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Shri D N Patel Institute of P.G. Studies Commerce,Anand
  • Gordhandas Jamnadas Patel College of Management & Technology,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Jivkaran Group Of Institute,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Sant Stifan Institute of Business Management & Technology,Anand
  • Sardar Gunj Mercantile Co-operative(Anand) English Medium College Of Commerce & Management,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Sardar Patel College of Administration & Management,Anand
  • Shri P.M. Patel Institute of Business Administration,Anand
  • Shri V.Z. Patel Commerce College,Anand
  • Takshishila College of Management & Technology,Bakrol


  • Anand Education College,Anand
  • Christian College of Education,Anand
  • M.B. Patel College of Education,Anand
  • N.H. Patel College of Education,Anand
  • Waymade College Of Education,Anand

Fine Arts

  • IPCowala Santram College of Fine Arts,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Kala Kendra College of Music and Dance,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Rama Manubhai Desai College Of Music And Dance,Anand
  • CVM College of Fine Arts,Vallabh Vidyanagar

Home Science

  • S.M. Patel College of Home Science,Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Smt. Kamlaben P. Patel College of Home Science,Anand


  • Anand Law College,Anand
  • P.M. Patel College Of Law And Human Rights,Anand
  • R N Ipcowala School of Law & Justice,Vallabh Vidyanagar

Medical and Paramedical

  • Anand Homeopathic Medical College & Research Institute,Anand
  • G.H. Patel School of Nursing,Anand
  • K. M. Patel College of Physiotherapy,Karamsad
  • Institute of Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology,Anand
  • Pramukhswami Medical College,Karamsad
  • Shree Dr. V.H. Dave Homeopathic Medical College,Anand
  • Shree P.M Patel College of Paramedical Science & Technology,Anand
  • Shri Babubhai G. Patel College of Physiotherapy,Anand
  • Smt. Kamlaben P. Patel Institute of Physiotherapy,Anand
  • Smt. L. P. Patel Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology,Karamsad


  • Anand Mercantile College Of Science And Computer Technology(AMCOST),Anand
  • Ashok And Rita Patel Institute Of Integraterd Study & Research In Biotechnology And Allied Science(ARIBAS),New Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Institute Of Science And Technology For Advance Studies & Research(ISTAR),Vallabh Vidynagar
  • M.B. Patel Science College,Anand
  • N.V. Patel College Of Pure And Applied Sciences(NVPAS),Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • Shri A.N. Patel P.G. Institute,Anand
  • Shri P.M. Patel Institute Of Biosciences,Anand
  • Shri P.M. Patel Institute of Integrated M.Sc. in Biotechnology,Anand
  • Shri P.M. Patel Institute Of P.G. Studies And Research In Applied Sciences,Anand
  • V.P. & RPTP Science College,Anand

Social Work

  • Anand Institute of Social Work,Anand
  • Shree J.M. Patel Institute of Social Work & Applied Arts,Anand
  • Shree J.M. Patel College of P.G. Studies & Research in Huminities,Anand

N.S.Patel Institute of Social Work,Anand IILYAS Institute of Social Work,Vallabh Vidyanagar Jeevkiran Institute of Social Work,Vallabh Vidyanagar

  • Center for Studies & Research on Life & Works of Sarkar Vallabhbhai Patel,Vallabh Vidyanagar

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