Second Guangxi Campaign

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Second Guangxi Campaign
Part of the Second Sino-Japanese War
Date August 4, 1945
Location Guangxi, China
Result Decisive Chinese victory
Taiwan China, National Revolutionary Army Japan Japan, Imperial Japanese Army
Commanders and leaders
Taiwan Chang Fu-kuei,
Taiwan Tang Enbo
Japan Yukio Kasahara
600,000[1] 660,000[2]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

In 1945, China from April to August 2, 3 front in Guangxi province, launched a counter offensive to retake the last major Japanese stronghold in South China and the Second Guangxi Campaign started. The campaign was highly successful, and plans were being made to mop up the remaining scattered Japanese troops in the vicinity of Shanghai and the east coast.

However, after the Kwantung Army was defeated during the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, and the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese had surrendered and the eight-year-long Second Sino-Japanese War finally came to an end.

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