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From August 1990 to November 1991, during the breakup of Yugoslavia, several Serb Autonomous Regions (Serbian: Српска аутономна област (САО) / Srpska autonomna oblast (SAO)) were proclaimed in the Yugoslav republics of SR Croatia and SR Bosnia and Herzegovina in light of possible secession of the republics from the Yugoslav federation. These were autonomous Serb-inhabited entities that subsequently united in their respective republic to form the Republic of Serbian Krajina in Croatia and the Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SAOs in Croatia

SAOs in Croatia (1990)

SAOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Serb Democratic Party established SAOs in Serb-inhabited territories. Between September–November 1991, six entities had been proclaimed.[1] The Serbs set up their own parliament, having left the Bosnian parliament in October 1991. The Serb parliament proclaimed the "Serb Republic" (Republika Srpska) on 27 March 1992.

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