Shimazu Toyohisa

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Shimazu Toyohisa
Born July 1570
Died October 21, 1600
Resting place Tenshouji graveyard
Other names Houjumaru (豊寿丸), Tadatoyo (忠豊), Toyohisa (豊久), Ten'rei Shōun(天岑昌運), Matashichirou (又七郎)
Title Chamberlain (Jijyuu), Ministry of Central Affairs (Nakatsukasajyu)
Spouse(s) Daughter of Shimazu Tadanaga
Parent(s) Shimazu Iehisa (father), a daughter of Kabayama Yoshihisa
Relatives Shimazu Tadanao (brother), sister (wife of Nejime Shigehira), sister (wife of Sata Hisayoshi), sister (wife of Shimazu Hisanobu & Sagara Yoriyasu), Shimazu Yoshihiro (uncle), Shimazu Yoshihisa (uncle), Shimazu Toshihisa (uncle)

Shimazu Toyohisa (島津 豊久?, July, 1570 – October 21, 1600), son of Shimazu Iehisa and nephew of Shimazu Yoshihiro, was a Japanese samurai who was a member of the Shimazu clan. He served in the Battle of Kyushu (1587) under his uncle, Shimazu Yoshihiro against the Toyotomi. He fought bravely but was ambushed off route when he charged forward. He was saved by his uncle. He also was said to be a participant in the Battle of Sekigahara (1600), where he was killed fending off enemy troops during their retreat at the conclusion of the battle. His wife was the daughter of Shimazu Tadanaga, cousin and karō to Shimazu Yoshihisa.[1]

Popular Culture

Shimazu Toyohisa is the main character in Hirano Kouta's Drifters, where he fights alongside Oda Nobunaga and other historical figures in a fantasy world. He is also a playable character in Koei Tecmo's Samurai Warriors 4. He can also be played as in samurai warriors empires in the Shimazu clan