Shivers II: Harvest of Souls

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Shivers II: Harvest of Souls
Developer(s) Sierra On-Line
Publisher(s) Sierra On-Line
Composer(s) Guy Whitmore
Platforms PC
Release date(s)
    Genre(s) Adventure/survival horror
    Mode(s) Single-player

    Shivers II: Harvest of Souls is a horror-themed point-and-click PC adventure game, released in 1997 by Sierra On-Line. It is the sequel to Shivers.


    The game was innovative in that there was a series of rock music videos by the fictional band Trip Cyclone, which provided the player with hints to solving the game's multitude of puzzles. The game itself is played from a first-person perspective, very much like its predecessor and games like The 7th Guest and Myst.


    The game starts with the player checking into a motel in the sleepy town of Cyclone, Arizona. Upon entering the motel, the player is greeted by a rather unfriendly clerk who hands them a message that reads: 'I have your friends, only a warrior can free them.' The player walks into their room, sets down their bags and goes to bed. Once the player drifts to sleep, they have a strange dream involving a car wreck and a dead body. Once awake, the player is free to explore the town.

    The player will quickly discover that their immediate goal is to find the twelve bahos (prayer sticks) scattered throughout the town and return them to the sacred kiva in Devil's Mouth Canyon just outside town. The bahos have been hidden by the villain known only as Darkcloud, a mysterious figure who wears a kachina mask, in order to test the player so that they may become "the warrior". The player is assured that once they become "the warrior", they will be able to free the members of Trip Cyclone, who have been transformed into petroglyphs. The player must ultimately deduce the true identity of Darkcloud and discover his actual plan.

    Notes & Trivia

    • The game was shipped with two CDs, and included on the second disc were six tracks that could be played in any CD player. Five of the tracks were the songs featured as music videos in the game itself which contained clues for its puzzles, while the sixth was a compilation of songs from the first game (Shivers).
    • This game is among the few titles that work with the Sierra Internet Gaming System or SIGS. The system allows players to chat in real-time online for clues while still inside the game. By default, SIGS requires a working Internet PPP connection that supports WinSock32. It only works in Windows 95.
    • Jason Lindsey, lead guitarist and vocalist for Posted Oval played guitar in the music videos for Trip Cyclone in the game. He also worked in the Technical Support department at Sierra Online during the making of the game. He now makes YouTube videos under the name "MetalJesusRocks."
    • One of the bandmates in the game is shown in a photograph (in the game) wearing a t-shirt featuring the first Shivers game- actual t-shirts have been confirmed to be made, the owner of the Sierra site Sierra Music Central has one (contact for photos).
    • One can also find a book in the town library with Sir Windlenot's (the creator of the museum in the first game) name on it.
    • The newspaper heading at the end of the first game ("Those darn cyclones..." exclaims mayor) hints at Shivers 2.


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