Sibylla of Acerra

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Sibylla of Acerra.

Sibylla of Acerra (1153–1205) was Queen of Sicily as the wife of King Tancred. She was regent in 1194 for their son, King William III. She was the sister of Count Richard of Acerra.

It was Queen Sibylla who, as regent, when the Emperor Henry VI crossed the Straits of Messina in Autumn 1194, negotiated an agreement whereby the young William III, now whisked off to safety, should retain the county of Lecce. Henry and his wife Constance, Sibylla's aunt-in-law, had been claiming the Kingdom of Sicily since Tancred's accession.

Sibylla attended the consequent coronation of Henry in the Cathedral of Palermo. Days after the coronation, Queen Sibylla, along with her erstwhile supporters Nicholas of Ajello, Archbishop of Salerno, and Margaritus of Brindisi, was arrested and imprisoned in Germany with her son and daughter. She managed to escape to France while Pope Innocent III petitioned Henry for her release.

Sibylla's children with Tancred were:


Royal titles
Preceded by
Joan of England
Queen consort of Sicily
along with Irene Angelina

c. 1189 – 20 February 1194
Succeeded by
Constance of Aragon