Sidewalk Labs

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Sidewalk Labs
Subsidiary of Alphabet
Industry Urban planning, infrastructure
Founded June 10, 2015; 4 years ago (2015-06-10)
Headquarters New York, NY
Key people
Dan Doctoroff
Rohit Aggarwala
Craig Nevill-Manning
Parent Alphabet Inc.
Subsidiaries Intersection
Slogan "We're building a platform and a set of urban applications to accelerate innovation in cities around the world."[1]

Sidewalk Labs is Alphabet Inc.'s urban innovation organization. Its goal is to improve urban infrastructure through technological solutions, and tackle issues such as cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage.[2][3]

It is headed by Daniel L. Doctoroff, former deputy mayor of New York City for economic development and former chief executive of Bloomberg L.P.[4] Other members include West Coast-based former Andreessen Horowitz junior partner Sam Gerstenzang; Anand Babu, ex-Google manager of Google Now software;[5] and Craig Nevill-Manning, co-founder of Google's New York office and inventor of Froogle.[6]


Intersection and Link

Sidewalk Labs led the acquisition of Control Group and Titan forming a subsidiary called Intersection. As the largest municipal media company in the U.S., Intersection cooperates with city governments to design media platforms that create public assets and serve the needs of advertising clients.[7]

Intersection's first product is LinkNYC, which is turning 7,500 old public pay phones into kiosks delivering free gigabit Wi-Fi, video and voice calling, and access to emergency and other city services across New York City. Intersection is exploring bringing Link to other cities.[8]


Sidewalk is also working with the U.S. Department of Transportation to assess road data gathered from smartphones to analyze congestion and other traffic conditions, and develop a transportation coordination platform to improve the efficiency of road, parking, and transit use.[3][9]

Project Sidewalk

Sidewalk plans to create a new city in the United States to test design ideas prior to real world implementation, such as self-driving cars, Wi-Fi networks, public transit, and other technology applications to urban planning. Such a city is proposed to be home to "hundreds of thousands of people." Sidewalk has not decided on whether the city would be established on its own land, or whether it would accept bids from existing communities to be host to the project.[10]


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