Sigfrid of Sweden

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Saint Sigfrid
Heiliger Siegfried.png
Apostle of Sweden
Born Unknown
Died 1045
Feast February 15
Attributes travelling in a ship with two fellow bishops; baptizing King Olaf of Sweden; bishop menaced by devils; bishop carrying three severed heads; bishop carrying three loaves of bread (misrepresentation of the heads)
Patronage Sweden

Saint Sigfrid (Sigfried, Siegfrid, Siegfried, Sigfridus, Sigurd) (?? in Glastonbury, England – 1045 in Växjö) was a Benedictine monk and bishop in Sweden; he converted king Olof Skötkonung in 1008. His feast day is 15 February.

After Ansgar, epithetised Apostle of the North, Sigfrid is revered as second Apostle of the North, besides the missionary Rimbert of Turholt. Lutherans likewise honor Johannes Bugenhagen.[1]

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