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A slow irregular variable (ascribed the GCVS types L, LB and LC) is a variable star that exhibit no or very poorly defined periodicity in their slowly changing light emissions. These stars have often been little-studied, and once more is learnt about them, they are reclassified into other categories such as semiregular variables.

Most of irregular variables are cool stars of late spectral types K and M, S stars or carbon stars. They are divided into LB:s, which are generally giants, and LC:s—supergiants exhibiting a light variation interval of about 1 magnitude.[1]

Designation (name) Constellation Discovery Apparent magnitude (Maximum)[3] Apparent magnitude (Minimum)[3] Range of magnitude Spectral type Subtype Comment
U Antliae Antlia   8m.1 (p) 9m.7 (p) 1.6 N:v LB  
Beta Pegasi Pegasus Schmidt, 1847 2m.31 2m.74 0.43 M2.3 II-III LB  
Epsilon Pegasi (Enif) Pegasus 0m.7 3m.5 2.8 K2 Ib LC  
TX Piscium Pisces   4m.79 5m.20 0.42 C5III LB  
Alpha Scorpii (Antares) Scorpius   0m.88 1m.16 0.28 M1.5Iab-b LC  
Alpha Tauri (Aldebaran) Taurus   0m.75 0m.95 0.20 K5III LB  
Mu Geminorum Gemini   2m.75 3m.02 0.28 M3III LB  
BE Camelopardalis Camelopardalis   4m.35 4m.48 0.13 M2II LC  
Tau4 Eridani Eridanus   3m.57 3m.72 0.15 M3III LB  
13 Boötis Bootes   5m.29 5m.38 0.09 M2IIIab LB  
Psi Virginis Virgo   4m.73 4m.96 0.23 M3III LB  
V854 Arae Ara   5m.84 5m.99 0.12 M1.5III LB  
62 Sagittarii Sagittarius   4m.45 4m.62 0.17 M4III LB  
TX Piscium Pisces   4m.79 5m.20 0.41 C5III LB  
CQ Camelopardalis Camelopardalis   5m.15 5m.27 0.12 M0II LC  
Pi Aurigae Auriga   4m.24 4m.34 0.10 M3.5II LC  
NO Aurigae Auriga   6m.06 6m.44 0.58 M2Iab LC  
Omicron1 Canis Majoris Canis Major   3m.78 3m.99 0.21 M2.5Iab LC  
Sigma Canis Majoris Canis Major   3m.43 3m.51 0.08 M1.5Iab LC  
NS Puppis Puppis   4m.4 4m.5 0.1 K3Ib LC  
Lambda Velorum Vela   2m.14 2m.30 0.16 K4Ib-IIa LC  
V337 Carinae Carina   3m.36 3m.44 0.08 K3II LC  
GZ Velorum Vela   3m.43 3m.81 0.38 K3II LC  
RX Telescopii Telescopium   6m.6 7m.4 0.8 M3Iab LC  


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