Snow White with the Red Hair

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Snow White with the Red Hair
File:Akagami no Shirayukihime volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of the first manga volume, featuring main character Shirayuki
(Akagami no Shirayukihime)
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Written by Sorata Akizuki
Published by Hakusensha
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine LaLa DX, LaLa
Original run August 10, 2006 – present
Volumes 15 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by Masahiro Andō
Written by Deko Akao
Music by Michiru Ōshima
Studio Bones
Licensed by
Network Tokyo MX, TVA, ytv, BS Fuji, Animax
English network
Original run July 6, 2015March 28, 2016
Episodes 24 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Directed by Masahiro Andō
Studio Bones
Released January 5, 2016
Runtime 24 minutes
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Snow White with the Red Hair (赤髪の白雪姫 Akagami no Shirayukihime?) is a Japanese shōjo manga written by Sorata Akizuki.[2] It was serialized in Hakusensha's monthly shōjo manga magazine, LaLa DX but has since moved to LaLa[3] and is published in collected volumes by Hakusensha. An anime adaptation produced by Warner Entertainment Japan, Hakusensha, and Studio Bones aired in Japan between July 6, 2015 and September 21, 2015.[4] A second season began airing in Japan on January 11, 2016.[5]


Shirayuki is a normal herbalist citizen in the kingdom of Tanbarun with one unique feature: her beautiful red hair. Due to her unusual hair color, Shirayuki was raised to always be careful of showing her hair in new surroundings and grew to be an independent young woman. However, her hair gets her noticed by Prince Raj, who orders her to become his concubine. Refusing his orders, she cuts her hair and escapes to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines. On her way there, she meets and befriends Prince Zen and his two aides Mitsuhide and Kiki. When Zen is poisoned by an apple meant for her gifted by Prince Raji, Shirayuki successfully obtains the antidote and decides to accompany the trio to Clarines. Shortly thereafter, Shirayuki passes an exam for a position to train in the palace as a pharmacist. Shirayuki and her friends find a place in Clarines and carries out her duties as a court pharmacist. Over the course of the story, Zen and Shirayuki begin to fall in love with each other and eventually begin a romantic relationship, in spite of opposition due to their difference in social status.


Main characters

Shirayuki (白雪?)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese), Brina Palencia[6] (English)
The main female protagonist of the story is born with rare red hair and is a skilled herbalist. She escapes from the kingdom of Tanbarun after its prince orders her to become his concubine. Independent and persistent, she meets Zen and befriends him after tending to his wounds. In Clarines, she is accepted as a palace pharmacist and trains under Garack with Ryu. Shirayuki has demonstrated her abilities as a pharmacist in various situations, including identifying and controlling disease outbreaks in Raxd and Lyrias. She has a close relationship with Zen, and falls in love with him over the course of the story despite opposition due to their difference in social status. She moves into the east wing of Wistal Castle in chapter 49, and is later reassigned as a pharmacist to Lyrias in chapter 53.
Zen Wistalia (ゼン・ウィスタリア Zen Wisutaria?)
Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka (Japanese), Josh Grelle[6] (English)
The main male protagonist of the story is the second prince of the kingdom of Clarines, and meets Shirayuki on a trip outside the castle. Shortly after befriending her, he is poisoned by an apple meant for Shirayuki, but obtains the antidote with her help. Initially, Zen is often seen escaping his duties to experience Clarines first-hand, though he has since taken more responsibility over official work. He has a close relationship with his three aides, Mitsuhide, Kiki, and Obi, and has both their respect and genuine loyalty. Over the course of the story, he falls in love with Shirayuki, even rescuing her from impeccable dangers.
Mitsuhide Lowen (ミツヒデ・ルーエン Mitsuhide Rūen?)
Voiced by: Yūichirō Umehara (Japanese), Ian Sinclair[6] (English)
One of Zen's closest aides was appointed by Prince Izana to watch over Zen (despite initially wanting to be Izana's retainer), and though their relationship was initially rocky, he is seen by Zen as both a close friend and reliable aide. He is extremely loyal though somewhat clumsy at times, as well as a little silly. It is hinted he has feelings for Kiki.
Kiki Seiran (木々・セイラン?)
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka (Japanese), Jamie Marchi[6] (English)
One of Zen's closest aides, and arrives at the castle some time after Mitsuhide. As the heir to the household of the Seiran family, her father expects her to return home to assume responsibility after her time serving Zen. Reserved and independent, Kiki is extremely loyal to protecting Zen (and later Shirayuki as she becomes part of Zen's life) and is most often seen with Mitsuhide. She has stated (to Zen) that when the time comes, she will propose to Mitsuhide.
Obi (オビ?)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese), Austin Tindle[6] (English)
Obi is one of Zen's self-proclaimed aides. Originally sent by Marquis Haruka as a way to scare Shirayuki out of the castle, he later pledges himself to Zen after being discovered. It is hinted that he has feelings for Shirayuki, but his loyalty to both Zen and Shirayuki prevents him from acting out on his feelings. Obi has a relatively mysterious past as a loner, but finds himself drawn to protecting Zen, Shirayuki, and their respective goals. He is often sent by Zen to protect Shirayuki when Zen is unable to leave his duties. He has been seen using the alias "Nanaki".

Secondary characters


Ryuu (リユウ Ryū?)
Voiced by: Yūko Sanpei (Japanese), Mikaela Krantz[6] (English)
A 12-year-old palace pharmacist training with Shirayuki under Garack. Due to his youth, he is often looked down upon and mistrusted by others in the palace, despite the fact that he is actually a genius. Because of his intelligence, he has a hard time connecting with people his age, but becomes good friends with Shirayuki and Obi. He had a slight crush on Shirayuki but wasn't really explored and developed more of a friendship.
Izana Wistalia (イザナ・ウィスタリア Izana Wisutaria?)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese), Eric Vale[6] (English)
The first prince of Clarines and Zen's older brother. He has a somewhat cold and sarcastic personality, but is also very responsible and serious when it comes to handling the affairs of the kingdom. For his 17th birthday, he asked for a castle to be built between the Sui and Rid kingdoms. He then tricked the lords of the respective castles in order to overthrow them replace them with his close retainers. He enjoys teasing Zen and initially takes issue with Shirayuki's closeness with Zen, but later comes to trust her after watching her handle the disease outbreak in Lyrias. While in Lyrias, he pretends to be a guard using Mitsuhide's name.
Marquis Haruka (ハルカ候?)
Voiced by: Tomoyuki Shimura (Japanese), Christopher R. Sabat[6] (English)
An advisor in the castle, he disapproves of Shirayuki's closeness to Zen due to her lower social status. He hires Obi to scare her from the castle, but after an unsuccessful attempt and rebuke from Zen, is grudgingly resigned to leaving Shirayuki alone.
Garack Gazelt (ガラク・ガゼルト Garaku Gazeruto?)
Voiced by: Yūko Kaida (Japanese), Rachel Robinson[6] (English)
The head pharmacist of Wistal Castle. She is rather eccentric and can alternate between humorous and demanding. Despite this, she is extremely talented and cares deeply about Shirayuki and Ryuu.
Yatsufusa (八房?)
Voiced by: Rei Yamahata (Japanese), Z. Charles Bolton (English)
Garack's assistant. He wears a large bandanna that obscures his eyes.
Viscount Blaker (ブレッカ 子爵 Burekka Shishaku?)
Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima (Japanese), Duncan Brannan[6] (English)
The landlord of Kiharu’s island.
Kiharu Toghrul (キハル・トグリル Kiharu Toguriru?)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saito (Japanese), Bryn Apprill[6] (English)
A bird trainer from a small island previously in danger of being exploited for its resources. She came to Wistal Castle to ask Zen's assistance in preventing Viscount Blaker from hunting the birds native to her island. She later befriends Shirayuki, and later proves instrumental in rescuing Shirayuki from The Sea's Talons (along with Popo, her bird).
Higata (ヒガタ?)
Voiced by: Yusuke Handa
A fellow court pharmacist training alongside Shirayuki.
Hisame Lugis
The second-born son of a noble family and vice-captain of the Sreg Knight Circle. He tries to intimidate Kiki into marrying him and challenges her to a duel in order to win her hand. Though he lost the duel, he continues to show interest in Kiki, much to Mitsuhide's annoyance.
Earl Seiran
Kiki’s father. He wants Kiki to take over as the family head, and is constantly suggesting suitors for her. He has also imposed a time limit on her service with Zen in order that she may eventually return.
A worker inside the castle. He insults Shirayuki after she moves into the east wing, which angers Zen.
Haruto Wistalia
Mother of Izana and Zen, and former ruler of Clarines (after Izana's coronation). Her husband, Kain, died some time ago, which sent her into a frenzy of work and sickness that caused her to become “allergic” to the castle. She returns for Izana’s crowning ceremony, before shortly returning north to Wilant.
Zakura Shidnote
An associate of Izana, he has a distinct scar over his nose.
Kai Ulkir (カイ・ウルキル Kai Urukiru?)
Voiced by: Yūma Uchida (Japanese), Kyle Phillips (English)
One of the gatekeepers of Wistal Castle who seems to take interest about Zen and Shirayuki's relationship.
Shiira Eigan (シイラ・エイガン Shīra Eigan?)
Voiced by: Chiharu Sawashiro (Japanese), Cris George (English)
Another gatekeeper besides Kai. He is Kai's senior and just like Kai, he seems to take interest about Zen and Shirayuki's relationship.
Shuka (シュカ?)
Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga (Japanese), Justin Briner (English)
The only soldier that didn't get sick when the strange disease affected the soldiers in the Fort Laxdo. He helps Shirayuki to take care of the other soldiers.
Shikito (シキト?)
Voiced by: Yasuaki Takumi (Japanese), Ricco Fajardo (English)
The guard of Wistal Castle who goes along with Shirayuki and Blaker to the watchtower during the test to bring in the bird handlers from Kiharu's island for communication.


Yuzuri (ユズリ Yuzuri?)
A botanist in Lyrias, a northern city in the kingdom of Clarines. Cheerful and outgoing, she works with Shirayuki during the disease outbreak and befriends her.
Suzu ( Suzu?)
A pharmacist and friend of Yuzuri in Lilias, he works with Shirayuki during the disease outbreak.
She is head of the Lilias academy district. Is now possibly engaged to Izana.
A boy around Ryuu's age, he is the nephew of Shidan. Kirito helped to in the search for a cure during the disease outbreak in Lyrias after his friends began to fall ill. He befriends Ryuu, though occasionally bewildered by Ryuu's emotionless behavior.


Atri (アトリ Atori?)
Voiced by: Romi Park (Japanese), Micah Solusod[6] (English)
Zen’s only close childhood friend. He worked as a palace archer in order to get close to Zen and lure him out to traitors from Lido. During a confrontation with Zen, Izana, and Mitsuhide, he is killed.


Raji Shenazard (ラジ・シェナザード Raji Shenazādo[6]?)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)
The prince of Tanbarun, he orders Shirayuki to become his concubine after hearing of her red hair. When she escapes, he sends her poisoned apples that are mistakenly consumed by Zen. After discovering the true status of his unintended victim, he gives Zen the antidote. Raji is rather narcissistic and ignorant, and often speaks without thinking. After being befriended by Shirayuki later in the story, he begins to mature as he embraces his duties as prince. He has a close aide named Sakaki and two younger siblings.
Rona Shenazard (ロナ・シェナザード Rona Shenazādo?), Eugena Shenazard (ユジナ・シェナザード Yujina Shenazādo?)
Voiced by: Inori Minase (Rona) and Mikako Komatsu (Eugena) (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (Rona) and Megan Shipman (Eugena) (English)
The younger twin siblings of Raji, the first princess and second prince of Tanbarun respectively. They support the relationship between Raji and Shirayuki.
Sakaki (サカキ?)
Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese), Robert McCollum[6] (English)
Raji's close aide. He frequently answers questions addressed to the prince.
King Shenazard (シェナザード王様 Shanmezādo-ousama?)
Voiced by: Atsushi Miyauchi (Japanese), Kent Williams (English)
King Shenazard is the king of Tanbarun and the father of Raji, Rona, and Eugena. He allows Zen and the others to go find Shirayuki with Raji when she was captured by Sea's Talon.
Mihaya (巳早?)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Japanese), Clifford Chapin (English)
The third son of the Former Earl of Sisk, he kidnapped and planned to “present” Shirayuki to rich people to earn money. He later brings a kidnapping attempt on Shirayuki to Zen's attention and helps to rescue her from pirates. He ends up working for Prince Raji’s aid, Sakaki, in Tanbarun.

The Mountain's Lions

Mukaze (武風 Mukaze?)
Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese), Brandon Potter (English)
Leader of the Mountain’s Lions, a group dedicated to eradicating thieves. Mukaze also happens to be Shirayuki's father, a former noble of Tanbarun before his exile as a result of taking back his fiancée (Shirayuki's mother) when she was sent to be wed to his uncle. He held a grudge against Prince Raji since hearing that he had tried to forcefully take Shirayuki as a mistress, and as a result, forced her to flee the country. Additionally, Shirayuki was told that he deeply regretted not having been there to help her in time during said ordeal.
Kazuki (鹿月?)
Voiced by: Sachi Kokuryu (Japanese), Justin Pate (English)
Often mistaken for female due to his "pretty" looks. He is a member of the Mountain's Lions, and kidnaps Shirayuki with the help of Itoya. He befriends Shirayuki when the pair of them are captured by the Sea's Talons.
Itoya (イトヤ?)
Voiced by: Shintarō Asanuma (Japanese), David Trosko (English)
A member of The Mountain's Lions, he has a scar over left eye. He helped Kazuki during Shirayuki's abduction.

The Sea's Talons

A pirate organization that is known for human trafficking. Kazuki was once a member, but left the organization after being traded to a rich nobleman. Kazuki and Shirayuki were kidnapped by them to provoke the Mountain’s Lions.
Umihebi (ウミヘビ Umihebi, lit. "Sea Snake"?)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
Umihebi is the leader of The Sea's Talons.


Torou (トロウ Torou?)
Voiced by: Nana Mizuki (Japanese), Elizabeth Maxwell (English)
An old associate of Obi’s, she is surprised by his change after he joined Zen's group.



The manga was serialized in Hakusensha's monthly shōjo manga magazine, LaLa DX in 2006 but has since moved to LaLa[3] and is published in collected volumes by Hakusensha. As of July 2015, 14 volumes have been published in Japan. It has been licensed in France by Kana[7] and in Taiwan by Sharp Point Press.[8] The eleventh volume ranked 21st in Oricon's weekly manga ranking for the week of January 6.[9]

Volume list

No. Release date ISBN
1 December 5, 2007[10] ISBN 9784592183730
2 August 5, 2008[11] ISBN 9784592183747
3 March 5, 2009[12] ISBN 9784592183754
4 January 4, 2010[13] ISBN 9784592183761
5 December 29, 2010[14] ISBN 9784592183778
6 September 5, 2011[15] ISBN 9784592191056
7 March 5, 2012[16] ISBN 9784592194378
8 September 5, 2012[17] ISBN 9784592194385
9 March 5, 2013[18] ISBN 9784592194392
10 July 5, 2013[19] ISBN 9784592194408
11 January 4, 2014[20] ISBN 9784592194415
12 October 3, 2014[21] ISBN 9784592194422
13 April 3, 2015[22] ISBN 9784592194439
14 July 3, 2015[23] ISBN 9784592194446
15 January 5, 2016[24] ISBN 9784592194453

The first volume was released in Chinese on June 16, 2008 by Sharp Point Press.[25]


An anime television series adaptation was announced in 2015 April issue of Hakusensha's LaLa magazine. The anime adaptation is produced by Warner Entertainment Japan, Hakusensha, and Studio Bones, which handled the animation. The anime is directed by Masahiro Andō and the script is written by Deko Akao with character designs by Kumiko Takahashi.[4] The opening theme is "Yasashii Kibou" (やさしい希望?, lit. "Bright Hopes") by Saori Hayami and the ending theme is "Kizuna ni Nosete" (絆にのせて?) by Eyelis. Funimation has licensed the series for online streaming in North America.[26] AnimeLab has secured streaming rights in Australia & New Zealand.[27] An Original Anime DVD (OAD) bundled with limited edition of 15th volume of the original manga. The 30-minute OAD features the same cast and staff with the anime television series. It adapts three chapters from the original manga (chapter 41, special chapter from volume 7, and special chapter from volume 11), and will not air as part of the anime television series.[28] The OAD ending theme is "Ginsekai" (銀世界?, lit. Snowy World) by Eyelis.

The second season of the anime television series began airing in Japan on January 11, 2016. The opening theme is "Sono Koe ga Chizu ni Naru" (その声が地図になる?, lit. "The Voice Will Become A Map") by Saori Hayami and Ending theme is "Page ~Kimi to Tsudzuru Monogatari~" (ページ 〜君と綴る物語〜?, lit. Page-The Story To Write With You) by Eyelis.[29]

Episode list

Snow White with the Red Hair

Series no. Season no. Title Original air date
1 1 "Encounter... Changing the Color of Fate"
"Deai... Irodzuku unmei" (出会い…色づく運命) 
July 6, 2015
Shirayuki is a pharmacist living in the country of Tanburn when she is chosen by Prince Raji to become his concubine due to her rare beauty, but she decides to flee instead. On her escape, she meets and befriends Prince Zen from the kingdom of Clarines who offers her shelter. 
2 2 "Following the Sound of Your Heart"
"Tadoru wa mune no naru hō e" (辿るは胸の鳴るほうへ) 
July 13, 2015
Starting her new life in Clarines, Shirayuki sets on a quest to find some herbs. When worried about her safety, Zen decides to look after her, just when she finds herself in dire straits again. 
3 3 "Shining Time of Promise"
"Yakusoku, kagayaku sonotoki ni" (約束、輝くその時に) 
July 20, 2015
Due to her closeness with Zen, Shirayuki is now a regular visitor to his castle with no restrictions. However, there are those who doubt her intentions and conspire to separate her from the prince. 
4 4 "From the Small Hand, a Burgeoning Concerto Resonates"
"Mebuki no kyōsōkyoku hibiku, chīsana te" (芽吹きの協奏曲響く、小さな手) 
July 27, 2015
Shirayuki takes the court pharmacist exam where her knowledge of plants are tested. Once passing the test, she is assigned to be an apprentice under Ryuu, a young prodigy, who soon becomes her friend. 
5 5 "This Path, the Crystallization of Premonition"
"Kono michi wa yokan no kesshō" (この道は予感の結晶) 
August 3, 2015
When the soldiers from Fort Laxdo fall sick to a strange disease, it's up to Shirayuki to discover the mystery behind it and find a cure. 
6 6 "The Back Full of Meaning"
"Imi no senaka" (意味の背中) 
August 10, 2015
Izana, the crown prince of Clarines and Zen's elder brother returns home and wary of Zen's relationship with Shirayuki, invites Raji for a visit to Clarines with unknown intentions. 
7 7 "Let Me Hear the Melody of Your Smile"
"Kikasete, egao no senritsu" (聞かせて、笑顔の旋律) 
August 17, 2015
As Raji continues his tour, Izana confronts Zen and Shirayuki about the true nature of their relationship, and in the occasion, the bond between the two grows stronger. 
8 8 "Memories Draw Spirals of the Past"
"Kioku wa kako no rasen o egaite" (記憶は過去のらせんを描いて) 
August 24, 2015
Alert with the unwanted attention Shirayuki receives due to her closeness with him, Zen sends his aide Obi to be her personal guard. Meanwhile, Mitsuhide, another of Zen's loyal subjects, reminisces the occasion when he first met his master. 
9 9 "Feelings that Connect and Reach"
"Tsunagari todoku omoi" (繋がり届く想い) 
August 31, 2015
While standing as Shirayuki's protector, Obi learns more about her, while Zen finally recognizes his merit and makes him an official retainer of his. 
10 10 "Inexperienced Heart, Going Deeper"
"Kokoro aoku, motto fukaku" (心蒼く、もっと深く) 
September 7, 2015
Shirayuki meets Kiharu, a young girl who comes to the castle with her pet bird Popo to ask Zen to help protect the birds of Popo's species of her home island who are threatened by local poaching. However, there is nothing Zen can do for Kiharu's cause unless the birds can prove themselves useful for Clarines' society, until Shirayuki comes with an idea. 
11 11 "Encountering... A Color for the First Time"
"Deau··· hajimete no iro" (出会う···初めての色) 
September 14, 2015
After being kissed by Zen, Shirayuki becomes too flustered to face him directly, while Zen, despite eager for an answer from her, must leave for a short trip with Mitsuhide and Kiki. Once reunited, Zen and Shirayuki finally share their true feelings for each other. 
12 12 "Goodbye of the Beginning"
"Hajimari no sayōnara" (始まりのさようなら) 
September 21, 2015
The castle is open for a festival and Zen disguises himself as a guard to enjoy it with Shirayuki and the others. However, an actress is forced to quit a play due to an injury and Shirayuki is chosen to replace her, unaware of the troupe leader's second intentions. 
OVA "Nan demonai takaramono, kono pēji" (なんでもない宝物、この頁)  January 5, 2016
Now in a romantic relationship, Zen and Shirayuki go on their first official date together into one of the cities of Clarines. During their date, details regarding the history of Mitsuhide and Kiki's relationship is revealed, while some facts of Prince Raji's childhood is also explored. 

Snow White with the Red Hair 2nd Season

Series no. Season no. Title Original air date
13 1 "The Red that Spins Fate"
"Unmei o tsumugu aka" (運命を紡ぐ赤) 
January 11, 2016
It's a new day at the castle as everyone continues with their lives including Shirayuki as she helps clean the medical wing, while Zen continues with his royal duties while holding personal thoughts regarding his future with Shirayuki. However, everyone receives a surprise when a familiar face returns; Mihaya. He reveals disturbing news that a mysterious boy named Kazuki is out to kidnap Shirayuki for unknown reasons. Everyone is shocked, but soon get another surprise when Prince Izana informs Shirayuki that she is invited to attend a ball in Tanbarun, forcing her to attend and make preparations for her upcoming visit. 
14 2 "Eyes that Protect and Look Foward"
"Mamoru hitomi, susumu hitomi" (守る瞳、進む瞳) 
January 18, 2016
It's Shirayuki's last day at the castle as she will soon be leaving for her trip to Tanbarun. While Shirayuki continues to prepare herself for the upcoming ball, Zen and the others are still investigating the mysterious boy, Kazuki who is after her. Zen grows worried and frustrated that he can't protect Shirayuki himself while Obi is hoping he can do something to help. Obi and Zen have a match together where Obi wins and is allowed to be Shirayuki's attendant while in Tanbarun. On their last night together, Zen and Shirayuki spend quality time together and share their own personal goodbyes. The next day, Shirayuki and Obi leave and soon arrive in Tanbarun and are greeted by Prince Raji. 
15 3 "Indecision Caused By Confusion"
"Mayou wa tomadoi no naka" (迷うは戸惑いの中) 
January 25, 2016
While in Tanbarun, Shirayuki and Raji try to improve their relationship. While they find themselves awkward around each other, Raji tries to make her visit more interesting and takes Shirayuki on a tour of the castle. However they receive no privacy as everyone observes them. Raji takes Shirayuki and Obi to old hidden passageways, but soon get lost while exploring, while unknown to them, Raji's siblings Rona and Eugena secretly spy on them. Eventually they find an exit and Raji takes Shirayuki to the castle greenhouse while at the same time, Raji's siblings question his true feelings for Shirayuki. Meanwhile, Zen continues his duties back in Clarines as he begins bird training. While observing Zen, Prince Izana and Mitsuhide have a private talk with Izana revealing he is testing Zen and Shirayuki's relationship to see how strong they truly are together. Zen discovers their meeting, but before he learns more of their discussion he and the others receive distressing news when Mihaya is nowhere to be found. However unknown to them, Mihaya has sneaked away from the castle and once again meets the mysterious boy, Kazuki. 
16 4 "The Name of that Step is Change"
"Sono ichi-po no na wa, henka" (その一歩の名は、変化) 
February 1, 2016
Still in Tanbarun, Raji and Shirayuki continue to let their relationship grow as they spend more and more time together, intriguing everyone in the castle and growing impressed of Raji's sudden change in character. While Raji's siblings, Rona and Eugena contuine to secretly observe their relationship around the same time, both Raji and Obi are beginning to consider their true feelings regarding Shirayuki. Meanwhile Mihaya returns and reveals to Zen his encounter with Kazuki, revealing new information. Kazuki is revealed to have a partner and they have both discovered that Shirayuki is in Tanbarun and are currently on their way to capture her. To warn them of the upcoming danger, Zen sends a message and prepares to leave for Tanbarun. Izana is against Zen leaving Clarines, but Zen refuses his brother's orders and strongly affirms his relationship with Shirayuki, revealing he will one day marry her and leaves for Tanbarun. However, on the night of the ball, the mysterious men seeking to kidnap her finally arrive. 
17 5 "Prologue of the Quietly Twisting Night"
"Shizuka ni karamaru yoru no joshō" (静かに絡まる夜の序章) 
February 8, 2016
Shirayuki and Obi are attacked by Kazuki and his mysterious friend, Itoya. Obi fights to protect Shirayuki, but during the assault the men succeed in kidnapping her and escape into the night. Raji has guards sent out to search while Zen and the others finally arrive in Tanabarun and discover the incident. Zen and Raji agree to work together to rescue Shirayuki. However, Obi feels extremely guilty and sneaks away to save her himself. Unfortunately, mysterious pirates ambush Kazuki and Shirayuki and takes them to an unknown location. 
18 6 "Many Different Resolves"
"Ikutsu mo no ketsui" (いくつもの決意) 
February 15, 2016
Shirayuki and Kazuki are having a difficult time with the Claw of Sea Pirates. They attempt to escape, but the Pirates stop them and demand to know why the Lions of the Mountain want Shirayuki. Meanwhile, Zen and the others begin their search and soon reunite with Obi and meet the Lions of the Mountain leader. They all agree to work together to save Shirayuki and Kazuki. Eventually, Zen and the others discover the town where they are being held hostage. Kiki volunteers to be taken captive by the Pirates and soon reunites with Shirayuki. 
19 7 "Wave of Determination"
"Kakugo no nami" (覚悟の波) 
February 22, 2016
While Kiki informs Shirayuki and Kazuki of the situation, Zen and the others all work to prepare to rescue them. Raji and his men go out to sea and soon confront the Claw of the Sea Pirates. The Pirates escape and soon arrive in their cave hideout. However, Raji and his army discover them and a battle breaks out with the help of Mitsuhide, Obi and the Lions of the Mountain. During the attack, Shirayuki is captured while trying to escape, but is saved by Zen and after being separated for so long, Zen and Shirayuki share a heartfelt and tearful reunion. Zen and the others finally managed to defeat the Claw of the Sea Pirates and together the group reunites with Shirayuki. However, they soon discover another surprise when the Lions of the Mountain leader, Mukaze is revealed to be Shirayuki's father. 
20 8 "The Temperature of a Smile, a Cherished Place"
"Hohoemi no ondo, taisetsuna basho" (微笑みの温度、大切な場所) 
February 29, 2016
While Raji and his men return to Tanbarun to deal with the Pirates, Shirayuki and the others arrive at the Lions of the Moutains village, where a party is held to celebrate their victory. During their time together, Shirayuki learns why her father left her in the care of her grandparents and his history, including the reason why Kazuki had taken her. Shirayuki speaks with a guilt-ridden Obi and assures him that despite what happened, she doesn't blame him. Meanwhile, Zen and Mukaze have a private talk regarding Zen and Shirayuki's relationship, where Zen admits their love for each other and receives Mukaze's blessing. Later, Shirayuki and Zen spend time alone together since being reunited. Eventually everyone soon returns to Tanbarun, where they reunite with Raji and attend a special ball in honour of Shirayuki's safe return. The next day, Shirayuki and the others say their goodbyes and begin their journey to return to Clarines. 
21 9 "When I'm with You"
"Anata to ireba······" (貴方といれば······) 
March 7, 2016
While on their way back to Clarines, it soon begins to rain and Zen and others decide to stay at a nearby Inn. While everyone enjoys being back together again, Obi reflects on how much he has changed since meeting Zen and the others. Later, Obi reunites with an old friend, Torou who asks him to help her with a job. Obi sneaks away with Torou to an abandoned mansion to retrieve a young boy who ran away from home. Obi and Torou managed to defeat the boy's bodyguards and take a moment to speak of their past together. However, they are soon interrupted when the noticed more people inside and discover them to be Zen and the others who came looking for Obi. Zen has a private talk with Obi, sternly informing him to be more self-aware otherwise it will cause others to worry about him. Later, Zen and the others resume their journey and during their ride, Obi assures Shirayuki he has no intention of returning to his previous life as they come closer to Clarines. 
22 10 "You Will Drink from the Spring of Intent"
"Kimi o uruowa seru no wa ishi no izumi" (君を潤わせるのは意志の泉) 
March 14, 2016
While Shirayuki goes back to work at the castle, Zen is pressured by Prince Izana and Lord Haruka to hold a ball as many women seek to marry him. Zen refuses but eventually decides to have a marriage interview. Soon everyone in the castle discovers the news, including Shirayuki causing her to become worried but tries to hide her fears. However unknown to anyone, Zen has a secret marriage interview with Kiki to help avoid the subject in the future. While Zen and Kiki are together they reflect on their past, including how Zen, Kiki and Mitsuhide first met. Eventually after the interview, Zen learns from Obi that Shirayuki discovered the interview but wasn't aware he was with Kiki and leaves to find her. Zen finds Shirayuki and assures her of the situation. Later that night, Zen is visited by Prince Izana where he reveals he intends to take a wife, but informs Zen that the subject of marriage will eventually be brought up again. Zen reaffirms his relationship with Shirayuki to Izana, once again telling his brother she is the one he will marry. Izana gives his blessings towards Zen, finally accepting his relationship with Shirayuki. 
23 11 "Because of Who You Are"
"Aru ga yue no saki" (あるがゆえの先) 
March 21, 2016
While in deep thought over his meeting with Izana, Zen gets into an accident and becomes injured. Mitsuhide goes to seek help from the Chief Herbalist, but instead encounters a strange plant and accidentally inhales it's fragrance. The fragrance causes a deep part of Mitsuhide's personality to emerge, causing his loyalty towards Zen to become stronger. While Shirayuki is tasked to find an antidote, Zen instead orders to have the medicine naturally leave his system. However, Zen begins having a difficult time when Mitsuhide refuses to leave his side and becomes extremely overprotective. Eventually, after speaking with Shirayuki and when Mitsuhide saves them from being injured, Zen wishes for him to go back to normal. Shirayuki soon discovers the cure, causing Mitsuhide to revert back to normal with no memory of his recent behaviour. Due to her hard work, Shirayuki is promoted to an official court herbalist, ending her apprenticeship. Shirayuki is pleased, but remembers that soon she must make a decision regarding the future of her relationship with Zen. 
24 12 "A Tale, My Path"
"Soshite monogatari, watashi no michi" (そして物語、私の道) 
March 28, 2016
Sakaki visits Shirayuki to inform her that she dons the official title of "friend of the crown" of Tanbarun. Afterwards, Prince Izana questions her, asking about her intentions with Zen, and she find herself speechless. Shirayuki struggles to make up her mind as to what she wants in regards to her relationship with Zen, and while she does that, Sakaki tries to convince her to take Raj's hand. She politely refuses. She finds herself out and about and finally makes up her mind at the bottom of a staircase. She abruptly asks Obi to help her find Zen, and Zen comes running. She runs up to meet him halfway on the staircase and asks if it's okay that she wishes to be his wife one day. Zen kisses her and she gets so weak in the legs that she cannot walk. Zen carries her to the roof of the castle, where she admires the view. He remembers that he never actually answered her question, so he clearly tells her that he has informed Prince Izana of his feelings towards her, and that he wants her to wait for him, even if it's selfish of him. They meet up with Obi, Mitsuhide, and Kiki and everyone goes to wish Sakaki off as he leaves Clarines to return to Tanbarun. 


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