Snuff 102

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Snuff 102
DVD released by TProd Films
Directed by Mariano Peralta
Produced by Salvador Haidar
Written by Mariano Peralta
Starring Silvia Paz
Eduardo Poli
Yamila Greco
Andrea Alfonso
Rodrigo Bianco
Salvador Haidar
Music by El Hemisferio Derecho
Cinematography Sebastián Ciaros
Edited by Mariano Peralta
TProd Films
Distributed by TProd Films
Release dates
Running time
101 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Snuff 102 is a 2007 horror film written and directed by Mariano Peralta.


Animal experimentation footage is shown, followed by a video of a man dismembering a female body in a bathtub. It is implied that the man masturbates after the corpse has been sufficiently mutilated. Next, someone browses an extreme porn website, and clicks on the link for "Snuff Fantasy". Images of animals and people (mostly women) being tortured and killed clutter the screen, followed by a video of a pig being stabbed in the throat. A man asks "Until what point are you willing to watch? In other words, what do you want to watch?" A bound, bloodied and crying woman in her undergarments is shown in a washroom. She gets up, moves the shower's curtain, and screams as the door is flung open.

The film goes back one week, and shows a female journalist doing her morning routines, and watching a newscast about a recently captured serial killer of prostitutes. This inspires the journalist to write about violence itself. The reporter accesses the pornographic and shock websites frequented by the killer (being greatly disturbed by their content) and interviews a film critic and author, who discusses topics such as misogyny, fetishes, new media, morality, pornography, snuff, and the value of human life. Intercut with the reporter's research are scenes of her and two other women (a pregnant prostitute, and a porn star) being filmed as they are tortured by a masked man, who labels his captives Victim 100, Victim 101, and Victim 102.

Victim 100 (the pregnant woman) is the first to be brutalized. She is beaten, several of her fingers are cut off, and a bag is pulled over her head, which is stomped and kicked repeatedly. The murderer gropes Victim 100, stomps her stomach, bites one of her nipples off, mutilates her genitals with a knife, and cuts her open. Moving on, the killer goes to work on Victim 101 (the porn star). He beats her with a hammer, rips one of her eyes out, asphyxiates her with a bag, knocks most of her teeth out with a chisel, and urinates on and rapes her.

While her abductor takes Victim 101 apart with a saw, the journalist escapes the chair she is tied to. A flashback reveals she was taken when she found hidden photographs depicting the film critic engaging in necrophilia. Returning to the bathroom sequence from the beginning of the film, it is shown that the journalist discovered Victim 100 in the shower. The woman is still alive; something the film critic rectifies when he breaks into the room, and bludgeons her with a hammer. The critic drags the journalist out of the room with a hook, and as he prepares to kill her, she breaks the ropes binding her hands, grabs a cellphone, and runs off.

The cellphone will not work, so the journalist tries to find a way out as the critic searches for her, machete in hand. The journalist squeezes out a barred window, and is chased into the woods by the critic, who catches her. As he strangles her, the journalist grabs a rock, beats the critic with it, and then finishes him off with his discarded machete. The journalist stumbles away, and is picked up by a passing motorist.


  • Yamila Greco as Víctim 102
  • Eduardo Poli as Film Critic
  • Andrea Alfonso as Víctim 100
  • Silvia Paz as Víctim 101
  • Rodrigo Bianco as Murderer
  • Nicolás Blanco as Addict
  • Salvador Haidar as Porn Actor
  • Lucas Delgado as Contact
  • Eduardo Peralta as Cabbie
  • Julián Alfonzo as Niño
  • Mariano Peralta as Murderer's Voice


Mariano Peralta released a limited edition DVD-R of Snuff 102 in 2007. The film was re-released on standard DVD, as well as VHS, by Massacre Video in 2013.[1]


A score of six out of seven was awarded by Independent Flicks, which said Snuff 102 was disturbing, with good special effects, and cinematography and a soundtrack that were successful in creating a deeply unsettling and creepy atmosphere.[2] The film was similarly praised by Horror News and Subtitled Hell.[3][4]

While The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre admitted the film was intense, the website went on to say "it doesn't add up to anything" and that it suffered from an uninteresting plot and "idiotic" attempts at intellectual provocation.[5] Snuff 102 was held in contempt by Soiled Sinema, which heavily criticized the acting, and called it "a bastardizing mess" and "a boring fucking film".[6]


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