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Social galactic blue logo.jpg
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Vox Day
Industry Internet
Subsidiaries Infogalactic
Type of site Social network service
Registration Required to post, follow, or be followed
Users 500+ active (January 2020)
Launched January 7, 2020 (2020-01-07) (2.0 beta)
Current status 2.0 active beta underway

SocialGalactic, billed as "The Planetary Communications Core," is a moderated social networking website where users interact through short posts on a variety of themes. These can be singular messages read by the author's followers, or can form part of extended conversations.

The initial version (now dubbed version 1.0) used software and servers from Fediway and had a brief beta test in February, 2019. A new 2.0 version, coded internally and hosted on Infogalactic's own server farm, entered active beta in January 2020.


We're not interested in "dank memes." We're not interested in "spicy memes." We're interested in giving normal people, who want to have a way to interact with other normal people, [a way] to do so.

– SocialGalactic founder Vox Day[1]

SocialGalactic is an extension of Infogalactic, and is part of a larger online initiative to create alternatives to SJW converged mainstream social media sites such as Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

Specifically, SocialGalactic was designed to serve as a viable alternative to Twitter, which in recent years has been accused of censoring writers who violate the tenets of Social Justice.[2] [3][4] It was also created as an alternative to rival site, which SocialGalactic's founder has accused of hosting libelous and obscene messages.[5][6][7][8]


Initial 1.0 Beta Release and Reception

SocialGalactic 1.0, using software and servers provided by Fediway, was released in Beta to members of the Infogalactic Burn Unit on Thursday, February 8, 2019. Within hours of the release over 1,000 users had signed up.

By the end of Day 2 over 2500 users had generated over 8,000 posts, prompting founder Vox Day to predict that SocialGalactic would surpass Gab in key daily usage metrics by the end of the month.[9]

However, on February 10 the beta test ended, with Vox Day citing disagreement with Fediway over several issues, including payment and differences in their respective corporate cultures.[10] Day announced that SocialGalactic would soon return, this time using their own servers and code.

2.0 Development and Release

SocialGalactic 2.0 underwent development throughout 2019, and entered an active beta release cycle in December of that year. Hundreds of supporters of InfoGalactic's sister projects (Unauthorized.TV, Voxiversity, etc.) were given accounts and began using the system.

By January 9, 2020, Vox Day announced that SocialGalactic 2.0 had exceeded 1,000 posts per day for the first time.[11]


Upon its initial release, SocialGalactic 2.0 supported a variety of features, including:

  • Post Features: hyperlinks, images, hashtags.
  • Post Interactions: Upvotes, Downvotes, Reposts, Quotes, Comments.
  • User Interactions: Follows, Notifications, and customizable avatars.
  • Levels of Access: Free/Bronze/Silver/Gold access levels, each offering different post lengths and storage capacities.
  • Video Posts: Direct video posting for Gold Accounts.
  • Dark Theme: a dark-hued viewing experience for reduced eye strain.
  • Clean Speech/Good Manners Policy: a rigorously enforced policy banning profanity, nudity, "dank memes," "spicy memes," "bantz," and attacks on other users.
  • No SJWs: Social Justice Warriors are forbidden from using the site in any capacity.

Forthcoming Features

Features currently in development include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: automated AI algorithms designed to enforce the site's Clean Speech policy, and to recognize certain forbidden images.
  • Gamification Features: a series of fun, game-style rewards to encourage regular users to hunt down trolls, monkey-wrenchers and SJWs within the system.
  • Polls: ability to host user polls on a variety of issues.
  • Mobile Support: users viewing the site on a mobile device get a true HTML5-powered mobile GUI.

User's Guide

An online user's guide to SocialGalactic 2.0 can be found on InfoGalactic here: SocialGalactic User's Guide

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