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Science Citation Index
Producer Thomson Reuters (United States)
Disciplines Social sciences
Record depth Index & citation indexing

The Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) is an interdisciplinary citation index product of Thomson Reuters' Healthcare & Science division. It was developed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) from the Science Citation Index.

This citation database covers some 2,474 of the world's leading journals of social sciences across more than 50 disciplines.[1] It is made available online through the Web of Science service for a fee. This database product provides information to identify the articles cited most frequently and by what publisher and author.


In 2004 economists Daniel B. Klein and Eric Chiang conducted a survey of the Social Sciences Citation Index and identified a bias against free market oriented research. In addition to an ideological bias, Klein and Chiang also identified several methodological deficiencies that encouraged the over-counting of citations, and they argue that the Social Sciences Citation Index does a poor job reflecting the relevance and accuracy of articles.[2] IMPORTANT NOTE ON PREVIOUS CRITICISM: Daniel Klein is the editor of the journal in which this research was published. The journal EJW itself has an openly avowed strong free market ideological bias. Thus the results of the survey are not surprising.

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