Som folk är mest

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Som folk är mest
Directed by Hasse Ekman
Produced by Lorens Marmstedt, Terrafilm
Written by Hasse Ekman (writer) Herbert Grevenius (play)
Starring Barbro Kollberg
Karl-Arne Holmsten
Stig Järrel
John Botvid
Tore Lindwall
Willy Peters
Agneta Lagerfeldt
Inga-Bodil Vetterlund
Music by Kai Gullmar, Sune Waldimir
Release dates
  • 9 September 1944 (1944-09-09)
Running time
87 min
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Som folk är mest (English: As people are most) is a 1944 Swedish comedy film directed by Hasse Ekman.

Plot summary

Kurre and Inga are engaged to be married, but their income is not sufficient enough for that just yet. Inga has no prospects of getting a raise, she has a hard time with the zealous office manager Enander. Inga has a liability to be late for work in the mornings and therefore get into trouble. The dictatorial Enander, to whom punctuality is more than a virtue, has had enough of it and is ready to burst out his anger at her. If only he can catch her being late...

To complicate matters further, one of Kurres colleagues, the sweet and flirtatious Miss Hansson, has started to court Kurre. All this will lead to misunderstandings and complications which are not so easy to solve. Will Kurre and Inga ever be able to get married?


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