Son of Morris On

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Son of Morris On
Studio album by Ashley Hutchings and others
Released 1976
Genre Folk music
Label Harvest Records
Producer Ashley Hutchings

Son of Morris On is an electric folk album released in 1976 under the joint names of Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol, John Tams, Phil Picket, Michael Gregory, Dave Mattacks, Shirley Collins, Martin Carthy, John Watchem, John Rodd, The Albion Morris Men, Ian Cutler, and the Adderbury Village Morris Men.

Like the previous Morris On (1972) and subsequent "Descendant Of" Morris On albums, it features English Morris dance tunes and songs, played with a combination of traditional instruments (concertina, melodeon, fiddle, etc.) and modern ones (electric guitar, bass, drums). In common with later records, dancers complete with bells and sticks were also included in the sessions.

The cover photo by Peter Vernon mirrors that of the original Morris On album with a photograph of the principal participants in morris-associated costume, but with modern accessories.

The album was produced by Ashley Hutchings.

It has been compared favourably with the original Morris On album. Paul Saunders in a review for the BBC Radio 2 website described it as 'a far more subtle and interesting affair'.[1]

Track listing

  1. 'Winster Processional' (0.56)
  2. 'Monck's March' (2.53)
  3. 'Old Hog or None' (1.15)
  4. 'As I Was Going to Banbury' (1.23)
  5. 'The Happy Man' (3.02)
  6. 'Fieldtown Processional / Glorishears' (2.50)
  7. 'Bob and Joan' (0.15)
  8. 'Ladies of Pleasure' (1.38)
  9. 'Bring Your Fiddle' (2.17)
  10. 'Jockey to the Fair / Room for the Cuckolds' (2.36)
  11. 'Saturday Night' (2.20)
  12. 'Roasted Woman / Rigs of Marlow / Getting Upstairs' (3.06)
  13. 'Y'e Wild Morris / The Wild Morris' (1.39)
  14. 'The Postman's Knock' (1.59)
  15. 'Ring O' Bells' (2.41)
  16. 'The Gallant Hussar' (3.21)
  17. 'Bonnets So Blue' (1.54)
  18. 'Old Hog or None (reprise)' (1.17)

CD bonus tracks from the 1994 CD (Harvest CZ 535)

  1. 'Y'Acre of Land' (3.34)
  2. 'Cotswold Tune' (2.59)
  • Tracks 1-2, 11 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings, John Watcham, Albion Morris;
  • Tracks 3, 8, 14, 18 trad. arr. Martin Carthy, Ashley Hutchings;
  • Tracks 4, 19 trad. arr. John Tams;
  • Tracks 5, 10, 16-17 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings;
  • Track 6 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings, John Watcham;
  • Track 7 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings, John Tams;
  • Track 9 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings, John Tams, Shirley Collins;
  • Track 12 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings, John Tams, John Watcham;
  • Track 13 trad. arr. Phil Pickett;
  • Track 15 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings, Albion Morris;
  • Track 20 Ric Sanders


  • Albion Morris Men
  • Adderbury Village Morris Men with James Plester, fiddle
  • David Armitage (dancer from the Hammersmith Morris Men)
  • Eddie Upton (dancer from Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men)
  • John Tams, vocals, spoken vocals, dialogue, concertina, melodeon
  • Shirley Collins, vocals, dialogue
  • Martin Carthy, vocals, guitar
  • John Watcham, concertina
  • John Rodd, concertina
  • Phil Pickett, bagpipes
  • Ian Cutler, fiddle
  • Ric Sanders, fiddle
  • Simon Nicol, guitar
  • Graeme Taylor, guitar
  • Pete Bullock, keyboards
  • Ashley Hutchings, bass
  • Michael Gregory, drums, percussion, tabor, tambourine
  • Dave Mattacks, drums


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