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<strong>Editing Infogalactic</strong>
 To edit an existing page, clicking Please see the Edit link at the top of any editable page. To create a new page[[Infogalactic:Editors' guidelines# First enter a search term related to the page in the What editors should be doing|Editor'''Search''' box s guidelines section on the top right hand corner of each page. This allows you to see if any similar pages already exist. [[File:Search-Infogalactic-1.pngediting and creating articles]]# If a similar page exists, you might consider enhancing it.# If no such page existsAlso, click on please read the red text for the name of your page and start editing it. See also: entire [[Infogalactic:Editors' guidelines|Editor's guidelines]].
[[Infogalactic:Bug_list_for_editors|Bug List for Galaxians]]
An open bug list is maintained for Galaxians to report editing bugs they encounter as well as track bugs that have been fixed.

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