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Jijel in 1664 by Stanley Lane-Poole

Stanley Edward Lane-Poole (18 December 1854 – 29 December 1931) was a British orientalist and archaeologist. His uncle was Edward William Lane.


Born in London, England, from 1874 to 1892 he worked in the British Museum, and after that in Egypt researching on Egyptian archaeology. From 1897 to 1904 he had a chair as Professor of Arabic studies at Dublin University.


  • Completed the First Book of the Arabic-English Lexicon, left unfinished by his uncle, E. W. Lane.
  • The Life of Edward William Lane (1877)
  • The People of Turkey (editor) (1878)
  • Lane's Selection From the Kuran (1879)
  • Egypt (1881)
  • Le Kuran, sa poesie et ses Lois (1882)
  • Studies in a Mosque (Cairo, February 1883)
  • Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt, D. Appleton: New York (1883)
  • Social Life in Egypt: A Description of the Country & Its People (1884)
  • The Life of the late General F.R. Chesney (editor) (1885)
  • The Story of the Moors in Spain (1886)
  • Turkey (1888)
  • The Barbary Corsairs (1890)
  • Sir Richard Church (1890)[1]
  • The Speeches and Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad (1893)
  • The Mohammedan Dynasties: Chronological and Genealogical Tables with Historical Introductions (1894)
  • Babar, Rulers of India series (1899)
  • History of Egypt in the Middle Ages (1901)
  • Medieval India under Mohammedan Rule, AD 712-1764 (1903)
  • Saladin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem (1903)
  • The Story of Cairo (1906)
  • Lane-Poole, Stanley (1907). History of India: From Mohammedan Conquest to the Reign of Akbar the Great (Vol. 3). London, Grolier society.<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css"></templatestyles>
  • Life of Sir Harry Parkes with F.V. Dickins (1894)



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