State Auditor of Missouri

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Seal of the State Auditor of Missouri

The State Auditor of Missouri is an elected official responsible for serving as the State of Missouri's chief fiscal regulator, conducting financial and performance audits for approximately 200 state agencies, boards, and commissions, and the state's judicial branch. The State Auditor also conducts audits for county and city governments lacking their own auditor or when requested by citizen petition. The State Auditor serves a four-year term, and is the only state Executive Branch official elected in even-numbered non-presidential election years. The office was temporarily held by John Watson after Tom Schweich, who was elected in 2010 and reelected in 2014, committed suicide on February 26, 2015. Nicole Galloway was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon to fill the office on a permanent basis, effective on April 27, 2015.[1]

List of State Auditors of Missouri

# Name Party Term County
1 William Christy Democratic-Republican 1820–1821 St. Louis
2 William V. Rector Democratic-Republican 1821–1823 St. Louis, MO
3 Elias Barcroft Democratic-Republican 1823–1833 St. Louis
4 Henry Shurlds Democratic 1833–1835 Washington
5 Peter Garland Glover Democratic 1835–1837 Callaway
6 Hiram H. Baber Democratic 1837–1845 Cole
7 William Monroe Democratic 1845 Morgan
8 James W. McDearmon Democratic 1845–1848 St. Charles
George W. Miller Democratic 1848–1849 Cole
9 Wilson Brown Democratic 1849–1852 Cape Girardeau
10 Abraham Fulkerson Democratic 1852 Cole
11 William H. Buffington Democratic 1853–1861 Cole
12 W. S. Moseley Democratic 1861–1865 New Madrid
13 Alonzo Thompson Republican 1865–1869 Nodaway
14 Daniel Draper Republican 1869–1873 Montgomery
15 George Boardman Clark Democratic 1873–1875 Washington
16 Thomas Holloday Democratic 1875–1881 Madison
17 John Walker Democratic 1881–1889 Howard
18 James Monroe Seibert Democratic 1889–1901 Cape Girardeau
19 Albert Otis Allen Democratic 1901–1905 New Madrid
20 William Werner Wilder Republican 1905–1909 Ste. Genevieve
21 John Pemberton Gordon Democratic 1909–1917 Lafayette
22 George Ernst Hackman Republican 1917–1925 Warren
23 Lorenzo Dow Thompson Republican 1925–1933 Callaway
24 Forrest Smith Democratic 1933–1949 Ray
25 W. H. Holmes Democratic 1949–1953 Maries
26 Haskell Holman Democratic 1953–1971 Randolph
27 Christopher Bond Republican 1971–1973 Audrain
28 John Ashcroft Republican 1973–1974 Greene
29 George W. Lehr Democratic 1974–1977 Jackson
30 Thomas M. Keyes Democratic 1977–1978 Jackson
31 James Antonio Republican 1978–1984 Cole
32 Margaret B. Kelly Republican 1984–1999 Cole
33 Claire McCaskill Democratic 1999–2007 Jackson
34 Susan Montee Democratic 2007–2011 Buchanan
35 Tom Schweich Republican 2011-2015 St. Louis
36 John Watson Democratic 2015 Cole
37 Nicole Galloway Democratic 2015- Boone


  1. Nixon picks Boone County treasurer for state auditor job (St, Louis Post-Dispatch article-April 15, 2015)