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Each state in the United States has a senior military officer – the state adjutant general – who is de facto commander of a state's military forces, including the National Guard, the naval militia, and any state defense forces. This officer is known as TAG (The Adjutant General), and is subordinated to the chief executive.

Source of appointment

In 48 states (49 beginning in 2016),[1] Puerto Rico, Guam, and the United States Virgin Islands, the Adjutant General is appointed by the Governor. The exceptions are Vermont, where the Adjutant General is appointed by the legislature; South Carolina, where the Adjutant General is elected by the populace, however, beginning in 2016, the South Carolina Adjutant General will be appointed by the Governor;[1] and the District of Columbia, where a commanding general is appointed by the President of the United States of America.[2]


Each adjutant general shares a common responsibility for the state’s National Guard plus a unique set of other responsibilities defined by the state’s constitution, state statutes, and other state-level directives. In addition to their state responsibilities, each TAG is responsible to the federal government for the use and care of federal assets under the state's control. The National Guard Bureau (NGB) in the Department of Defense provides a centralized administrative, funding, and procurement process to support the states' military departments. The commander of the NGB also provides input as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on national military activities as they relate to the National Guard.

The 54 adjutants general collectively form the Adjutants General Association of the United States (AGAUS) which strives to enhance both state and national military security.[3] A professional military guard organization, the National Guard Association of the United States serves to lobby both Congress and the Executive branch about common needs of the Guard as a whole and also provide support to members of the National Guard.[4]

National Guard

Each adjutant general commands his state’s Army and Air National Guard units which are not on federal active duty. When a National Guard unit is federalized it is moved from state command to the Department of Defense and placed under an Army or Air Force command.

State defense forces

Twenty-three adjutants general have responsibility for military land forces that comprise state level militias under the command of the various governors and generally have state support missions. Seven of these in addition to Illinois also have a naval militia division. Two adjutants general, Puerto Rico and Texas, are also responsible for an air support component.

Emergency management agencies

Some adjutant generals are responsible for oversight of the state’s emergency management organization. These groups are non-military organizations but have a close working relationship with the state’s National Guard and any state defense forces. They are the state level agency that works directly with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters.

Homeland security

Some states have assigned their adjutant general the responsibility for overseeing homeland security. In other states, this responsibility may be assigned to the state’s law enforcement agency instead.

Veteran’s affairs

Some states place their veteran’s affairs organization in the state’s military department under the oversight of the state adjutant general. Other states have an independent veteran's affairs department.

List of adjutants general

Each adjutant general is the senior officer in the state's military structure. Many hold federal rank as active duty general officers, but others may for a variety of reasons, including mandatory federal military retirement age, only hold general officer rank from their state.

Title[5] Adjutant General[5] State,
District, or
Insular area
Rank[5] Svc Assumed
The Adjutant General of Alabama Perry G. Smith, Sr Alabama MG (Ret.) ARNG 2011[6] Governor
The Adjutant General of Alaska Laurie Hummel Alaska Colonel (Ret.) ARNG 2015[7] Governor
The Adjutant General of Arizona Michael "Mick" McGuire Arizona Brigadier General ANG 2013 Governor
The Adjutant General of Arkansas William D. Wofford Arkansas Major General ARNG 2007[8] Governor
The Adjutant General of California David S. Baldwin California Major General ARNG 2011[9] Governor
The Adjutant General of Colorado H. Michael Edwards Colorado Major General ANG 2007[10] Governor
The Adjutant General of Connecticut Thaddeus J. Martin Connecticut Major General ANG 2005[11] Governor
The Adjutant General of Delaware Francis D. Vavala Delaware Major General ARNG 1999 Governor
Commanding General
District of Columbia National Guard
Errol R. Schwartz District of Columbia Major General ARNG 2008[12] President
The Adjutant General of Florida Michael A. Calhoun Florida Major General ARNG 2015[13] Governor
The Adjutant General of Georgia Joseph F. Jarrard Georgia Brigadier General ARNG 2015[14] Governor
The Adjutant General of Guam Benny M. Paulino Guam MG (Ret.) ARNG 2011[15] Governor
The Adjutant General of Hawaii Arthur J. Logan Hawaii MG (HI) ARNG 2015[16] Governor
The Adjutant General of Idaho Gary L. Sayler Idaho Major General ANG 2010[17] Governor
The Adjutant General of Illinois Richard J. Hayes, Jr. Illinois Major General ARNG 2015[18] Governor
The Adjutant General of Indiana Courtney P. Carr Indiana Major General ARNG 2015[19] Governor
The Adjutant General of Iowa Timothy E. Orr Iowa Major General ARNG 2009[20] Governor
The Adjutant General of Kansas Lee E. Tafanelli Kansas MG (KS) ARNG 2011[21] Governor
The Adjutant General of Kentucky Stephen Hogan Kentucky MG (KY) ANG 2015[22] Governor
The Adjutant General of Louisiana Glenn H. Curtis Louisiana Major General ARNG 2011[23] Governor
The Adjutant General of Maine Douglas A. Farnham Maine Brigadier General ANG 2016[24] Governor
The Adjutant General of Maryland Linda L. Singh Maryland MG (MD) ARNG 2015[25] Governor
The Adjutant General of Massachusetts Gary W. Keefe
Massachusetts Major General ANG 2016[26] Governor
The Adjutant General of Michigan Gregory J. Vadnais Michigan Major General ARNG 2011[27] Governor
The Adjutant General of Minnesota Richard C. Nash Minnesota Major General ARNG 2010 Governor
The Adjutant General of Mississippi Augustus L. Collins Mississippi MG (MS) ARNG 2012[28] Governor
The Adjutant General of Missouri Stephen L. Danner Missouri MG (MO) ARNG 2009[29] Governor
The Adjutant General of Montana Matthew T. Quinn Montana MG (MT) ARNG 2012[30] Governor
The Adjutant General of Nebraska Daryl L. Bohac Nebraska Major General ANG 2013[31] Governor
The Adjutant General of Nevada William Burks Nevada Brigadier General ANG 2009[32] Governor
The Adjutant General of New Hampshire William N. Reddel III New Hampshire Major General ANG 2009[33] Governor
The Adjutant General of New Jersey Michael L. Cunniff
New Jersey Brigadier General ANG 2011[34] Governor
The Adjutant General of New Mexico Andrew E. Salas New Mexico BG (NM) ANG 2012[35] Governor
The Adjutant General of New York Patrick A. Murphy New York Major General ARNG 2010[36] Governor
The Adjutant General of North Carolina Gregory A. Lusk North Carolina Major General ARNG 2010[37] Governor
The Adjutant General of North Dakota Al Dohrmann North Dakota Major General ARNG 2015 Governor
The Adjutant General of Ohio Mark E. Bartman Ohio Major General ANG 2015[38] Governor
The Adjutant General of Oklahoma Robbie L. Asher Oklahoma Major General ARNG 2015[39] Governor
The Adjutant General of Oregon Michael E. Stencel Oregon Major General ANG 2015[40] Governor
The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania James R. Joseph Pennsylvania Major General ARNG 2015[41] Governor
The Adjutant General of Puerto Rico Marta Carcana Puerto Rico Brigadier General ARNG 2015[42] Governor
The Adjutant General of Rhode Island Christopher P. Callahan Rhode Island Brigadier General ARNG 2015[43] Governor
The Adjutant General of South Carolina Robert E. Livingston Jr South Carolina Major General ARNG 2011[44] General Election
The Adjutant General of South Dakota Timothy A. Reisch South Dakota Major General ARNG 2011[45] Governor
The Adjutant General of Tennessee Terry M. "Max" Haston Tennessee Major General ARNG 2010[46] Governor
The Adjutant General of Texas. John F. Nichols Texas Major General ANG 2011[47] Governor
The Adjutant General of Utah Jefferson S. Burton Utah Major General ARNG 2012[48] Governor
The Adjutant General of Vermont Steven A. Cray Vermont Major General ARNG 2013 Legislature
The Adjutant General of the
Virgin Islands of the United States
Deborah Y. Howell Virgin Islands of
the United States
BG (VI) ARNG 2015[49] Governor
The Adjutant General of Virginia Timothy P. Williams Virginia Brigadier General ARNG 2014[50] Governor
The Adjutant General of Washington Bret D. Daugherty Washington MG (WA) ARNG 2012[51] Governor
The Adjutant General of West Virginia James A. Hoyer West Virginia Major General ARNG 2011[52] Governor
The Adjutant General of Wisconsin Donald P. Dunbar Wisconsin MG (WI) ANG 2007[53] Governor
The Adjutant General of Wyoming Kenneth L. Reiner Wyoming MG (WY) ARNG 2011[54] Governor


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