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Palau is divided into sixteen administrative regions, called states (the still separately listed Rock Islands did originally not belong to any state, but now belong to the state of Koror).

State Capital Area
(Census 2005)
North of Babeldaob
Flag of Kayangel State.png Kayangel Kayangel 3 188
Flag of Aimeliik.svg Aimeliik Mongami 52 270
Flag of Airai State.png Airai Ngetkib 44 2 723
Flag of Melekeok.png Melekeok Melekeok 28 391
Flag of Ngaraard State.svg Ngaraard Ulimang 36 581
Flag of Ngarchelong.svg Ngarchelong Mengellang 10 488
Flag of Ngardmau State.png Ngardmau Urdmang 47 166
Flag of Ngeremlengui State.png Ngaremlengui Imeong 65 317
Flag of Ngatpang State.png Ngatpang Ngereklmadel 47 464
Flag of Ngchesar State.png Ngchesar Ngersuul 41 254
Flag of Ngiwal State.png Ngiwal Ngerkeai 26 223
Southwest of Babeldaob
Flag of Angaur State.png Angaur Ngaramasch 8 320
Flag of Koror State.png Koror Koror 18 12 676
Flag of Peleliu State.png Peleliu Kloulklubed 13 702
Rock Islands, (also called Chelbacheb) 47
Southwest Islands
Flag of Hatohobei.svg Hatohobei Hatohobei 3 44
Flag of Sonsorol.svg Sonsorol Dongosaru 3 100

16 states of Palau

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