Stevan Dimitrijević

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Stevan Dimitrijević.

Stevan Dimitrijević (10 January 1866 in Aleksinac – 24 November 1953 in Belgrade) was a Serbian theologian. He graduated from the theology department of the University of Belgrade and the Religious Academy in Kiev. He was a professor in Skoplje and Salonica, the rector of the Theology school in Prizren, a full-time professor of Belgrade University from 1920 to 1936 and the first dean of the Theological school in Belgrade.[1] His students include bishop Nikolaj Velimirović and patriarchs: Varnava, Gavrilo Dozic, German and Pavle. Also Saint John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco.

In 1937 he was awarded an honorary doctorate of the University of Athens. In Belgrade, in 1936, at Kolarac he was conferred an honorary doctorate in theology and became a member of the History institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. During his service in Skoplje, Salonica and Prizren he collected over 600 manuscripts and printed books, and gave them to the National Library in Belgrade. His major works were on Serbian church historiography. Dimitrijević is a recipient of numerous tributes and decorations-the fourth level Karađorđe's star, the third level White Eagle, the second level St. Sava for his work in the field of science and patriotism.


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