Steve Mackey

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Steve Mackey
Background information
Birth name Stephen Patrick Mackey
Born (1966-11-10) 10 November 1966 (age 54)
Sheffield, England
Genres Alternative rock
Indie rock
Occupation(s) Musician, Singer-songwriter, keyboardist, bassist
Instruments Bass guitar, guitar
Years active mid-1980s–present
Associated acts Pulp
Trolley Dog Shag

Stephen "Steve" Patrick Mackey (born 10 November 1966) is an English musician and record producer best known for playing bass guitar in the band Pulp. He also played bass for Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker in the latter's solo career, and worked as a songwriter and producer with artists such as M.I.A. and Florence + the Machine.

Early life

Mackey was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. In his early years he attended Hucklow First and Middle Schools with friend Richard Hawley. They would later play together as members of Pulp. He schooled at Hinde House Comprehensive in Sheffield before undertaking further studies at Richmond College of Further Education. Before joining Pulp, he played bass for another Sheffield band called Trolley Dog Shag, who were featured alongside Pulp on a Dolebusters compilation album in 1987.[1] He moved to London in 1988 to pursue an interest in film-making and graduated from London's Royal College of Art, in 1992, MA Film.


Joining Pulp in 1989,[2] he played on Separations, released on Fire Records.[3] He continued to write, record and tour with the band as they found success in the 1990s. He performed on all subsequent albums recorded including Intro – The Gift Recordings, His 'n' Hers, Different Class, This Is Hardcore and We Love Life. Mackey returned to activity with Pulp in 2010 after an 8-year hiatus and their subsequent world tours in 2011 and 2012[4] and the release of their single "After You" working with producer James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.[5]

Further career

Forming a songwriting/production partnership with Ross Orton (known as Cavemen), he met Maya Arulpragasam (M.I.A.) and co-wrote and produced "Galang" and "Sunshowers" which led to MIA securing a deal with Interscope Records and releasing "Arular". They worked together again on "Bird Flu" from her subsequent album Kala. Mackey and Orton continued to produce and remix for artists including Kelis, Arcade Fire, Cornershop, The Kills and The Horrors. Mackey also produced songs for Florence and the Machine's debut album "Lungs", including "Kiss With a Fist", "Girl With One Eye" and " Swimming" and also The Long Blondes debut album Someone to Drive you Home.[6] During this period he continued to record and tour with Jarvis Cocker, in 2006 for his debut solo album for Rough Trade Records (Jarvis) and in 2008 recording the album Further Complications at Electrical Studios, Chicago with Steve Albini.[7][8] In 2011 Mackey produced Summer Camp's "Welcome to Condale" album[9] and in 2012 he again worked as producer for Palma Violets debut album on Rough Trade Records, "180", released in February 2013.[10] Also in 2012 he was responsible for producing "Railroad Track" by Willy Moon released on Jack White's Third Man records and the subsequent Willy Moon album released on Island Records.[11] Mackey has also worked with John Gosling (formerly of Psychic TV) as a sound designer creating mixes and original compositions for film and fashion.[12]

Other projects

In 2005 Mackey played a cameo role as one of The Weird Sisters, rock band in the film of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. The fictitious group also featured Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway of Radiohead and Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker. In 2006, Mackey and Cocker curated an acclaimed 2 CD Compilation called The Trip featuring music from various eras including Moondog, Carl Orff, The Birthday Party, The Fall and the theme to Radio 4's Shipping Forecast.[13] Mackey co-curated the music program of London's annual Frieze International Art Fair from 2003 to 2008 which included performances from Karlheinz Stockhausen, Sunn O))), Glenn Branca, and Rodney Graham.[14] In 2012 he played with drummer Seb Rochford as rhythm section for tracks on Serafina Steers "The Moths are Real" LP[15]

Personal life

In 2009, Mackey married his longtime girlfriend, stylist and fashion journalist, Katie Grand.[16] He currently lives in North London with his wife, and son, Marley (born 1996).[17]


With Pulp

Studio albums


UK singles


Title Release
UK Singles Chart
"My Legendary Girlfriend" / "Is This House?" / "This House Is Condemned" (remix) Mar 1991 -
"Countdown" (single version) / "Death Goes to the Disco" / "Countdown" (extended) Aug 1991 -
"O.U. (Gone, Gone)" (radio edit) / "O.U. (Gone, Gone)" (12" mix) / "Space" Jun 1992 -
"My Legendary Girlfriend" (live) / "Sickly Grin" (demo) / "Back in L.A." (demo) Aug 1992 -
"Babies" / "Styloroc (Nights of Suburbia)" / "Sheffield: Sex City" Oct 1992 -
"Razzmatazz" / "Stacks" / "Inside Susan" / "59, Lyndhurst Grove" Feb 1993 80
"Lipgloss" / "You're a Nightmare" / "Deep Fried in Kelvin" Nov 1993 50
"Do You Remember the First Time" / "Street Lites" / "The Babysitter" Apr 1994 33
The Sisters EP ("Babies" / "Your Sister's Clothes" / "Seconds" / "His 'n' Hers") Jun 1994 19
"Common People" / "Underwear" Jun 1995 2
"Mis-Shapes" / "Sorted for E's & Wizz" / "P.T.A." (Parent Teacher Association) / "Common People" (Live at Glastonbury) Oct 1995 2
"Disco 2000" (7" mix) / "Disco 2000" (album mix) / "Ansaphone" / "Live Bed Show" (extended) Dec 1995 7
"Disco 2000" (album mix) / "Disco 2000" (7" mix) / "Disco 2000" (Motiv 8 Discoid Mix) / "Disco 2000" (Motiv 8 Gimp Dub) Dec 1995 7
"Something Changed" / "Mile End" Apr 1996 10
"Help the Aged" / "Tomorrow Never Lies" / "Laughing Boy" Nov 1997 8
"This Is Hardcore" / "Ladies' Man" / "The Professionnal" / "This Is Hardcore" (end of the line remix) Mar 1998 12
"This Is Hardcore (original version)" / "This Is Hardcore (Hero remix)" / "This Is Hardcore (Swedish Erotica remix)" / "This Is Hardcore" (Stock, Hausen and Walkman's remix) Mar 1998 12
"Like a Friend" (US promo) Mar 1998 -
"A Little Soul" / "Cocaine Socialism" / "Like a Friend" Jun 1998 22
"A Little Soul" / "A Little Soul" (Lafayette Velvet revisited mix) / "That Boy's Evil" Jun 1998 22
"Party Hard" / "We Are the Boyz" / "The Fear" (The Complete and Utter Breakdown Version) Sep 1998 29
"Sunrise" / "The Trees" / "Sunrise" (Fat Truckers/Scott free mix) Oct 2001 23
"The Trees" / "Sunrise" / "The Trees" (felled by I Monster) Oct 2001 23
"Bad Cover Version" / "Yesterday" / "Forever in My Dreams" Apr 2002 27

Steve Mackey has also made appearances on the following albums as a musician:

  • Various ArtistsSee You Later Agitator (compilation, 1987)
  • Trolley Dog Shag, : "(This is) The Business Boys" z1987
  • Track: "Sliding through Life on Charm"
  • Various ArtistsThe Last Great Wilderness Soundtrack (2003)
  • With band The Nu Forest, track: "I Picked a Flower" (also released as a single)
  • With band The Weird Sisters, tracks: "Do the Hippogriff", "This is the Night", "Magic Works"
  • Various ArtistsPirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys (compilation, 2006)
  • Jarvis CockerJarvis (2006)
  • Jarvis Cocker'Further Complications (2009)
  • Serafina Steer'The Moths are Real (2013)

As a songwriter/producer

Steve Mackey has appeared on the following albums as a Producer:

  • Marianne FaithfullKissin' Time (2002)
  • Track: – "Sliding Through Life on Charm" (with Jarvis Cocker)
  • M.I.A.Arular (2005)
  • Tracks: "Sunshowers" and "Galang" (both with Ross Orton and Maya Arulpragasam)
  • M.I.A.Kala (2007)
  • Tracks: "Bird Flu" (with Ross Orton )
  • Bromheads Jacket""- Dits from the Commuter Belt (2006)
With Ross Orton
  • Ultra Brain – Neo Punk (2006)
With Ross Orton
  • The Long Blondes" – Someone to Drive You Home (2006)
  • Florence and the Machine – "Kiss With a Fist"
  • Summer Camp – "Welcome to Condale" (2011)
  • Palma Violets – "180" (2013)
  • Willy Moon – "Railroad Track/ Here's Willy Moon" (2013)

As a remixer

Steve Mackey is also known for his remixes, and he has remixed the following tracks (among others):

  • LooperUp a Tree Again (The Chocolate Layers' St John's Ambulance mix)
Appears on: LooperWho's Afraid of Y2K? / Up a Tree Again single (1999)
Appears on: Black Box RecorderThe Art Of Driving single (2000) and The Worst of Black Box Recorder (compilation, 2001)
  • Death in VegasDirge (Cossack apocalypse mix by the Chocolate Layers)
Appears on: Death in VegasDirge promo single (2000)
  • The White SportComplete Control (King Precare Mix by Two Desperate People) (Jarvis Cocker)
Appears on: The White SportComplete Control single (2002)
Appears on: CornershopTopknot single (2004)
  • M.I.A.Galang (Cavemen Remix)
Appears on: M.I.A.Galang single (2004)
  • M.I.A.Bird Flu (Cavemen Remix)
Appears on: M.I.A.Kala album (bonus track) (2007)
  • BudnubacIndestructible (Cavemen's 'Insecure' Mix)
Appears on: BudnubacIndestructible single (2004)
Appears on: Dark GlobeBreak My World single (2004)
  • The KillsLove is a Deserter (Cavemen Remix)
Appears on: The KillsLove Is A Deserter single (2005)
Appears on: Death from Above 1979You're a Woman, I'm A Machine album (2005)
Appears on: The PerceptionistsParty Hard promo single (2005)
Appears on: Archie Bronson OutfitDead Funny single (2006)
  • KelisBossy (Cavemen Remix)
Appears on: KelisBossy single (2006)


  • The Chocolate Layers remixes are by Steve Mackey and Jarvis Cocker
  • The Cavemen remixes are by Steve Mackey and Ross Orton


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