Sulejman Delvina

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Sulejman Delvina
5th Prime Minister of Albania
In office
30 January 1920 – 14 November 1920
Preceded by Turhan Përmeti
Succeeded by Ilias Vrioni
15th Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
16 June 1924 – 23 December 1924
Preceded by Turhan Përmeti
Succeeded by Ilias Vrioni
Personal details
Religion Sunni Islam

Sulejman Delvina (5 October 1884, Delvinë - 1 August 1933, Vlorë) was an Albanian politician and prime minister from March to November 1920.[1]


Sulejman Delvina was born in Delvinë, modern southern Albania on October 5, 1871. In 1899 he graduated from the Mekteb-i Mülkiye (modern Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University). He married the sister of Xhafer Villa, later Minister of Foreign Affairs.[1]

In 1919 he was the representative of the Albanian communities of the Ottoman Empire in the Paris Peace Conference. In 1924 Sulejman Delvina was one of the leaders of the revolution that overthrew the regime of Zog I, King of Albania and established a democratic government. Fan S. Noli became the new Prime Minister, while Sulejman Delvina was part of the new cabinet as Minister of Foreign Affairs.[2]

He died on August 1, 1933 in Vlorë.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Turhan Pashë Përmeti
Prime Minister of Albania
January 30, 1920–November 14, 1920
Succeeded by
Ilias Bej Vrioni