Sultan of Selangor

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Sultan of Selangor
Style His Royal Highness
Heir apparent Tengku Amir Shah
First monarch Salahuddin Shah
Formation 1745

Sultan of Selangor is the title of the constitutional ruler of Selangor, Malaysia.

Bugis bloodline

The palace of the Sultan of Selangor in Klang

The Sultans of Selangor are descended from a Bugis dynasty that claim descent from the rulers of Luwu in the southern part of Celebes (today known as Sulawesi). Nobles from this bloodline were involved in the dispute over the Johor-Riau Sultanate in the early 18th century, eventually placing their full support in the cause of Sultan Abdul Jalil of the Bendahara dynasty against the claimant to the Malaccan lineage, Raja Kechil. For this reason, the Bendahara rulers of Johor-Riau established close relations with the Bugis nobles, providing them with titles and control over many areas within the empire, including Selangor. Daeng Chelak's prince, Raja Lumu arrived in Selangor and founded a new government at Kuala Selangor in 1766.[1] He was installed by the Sultan of Perak as Sultan Salehuddin Shah and became the first Sultan of Selangor.

List of Sultans of Selangor

Headgear of Sultan of Selangor.
Sultans of Selangor Reign
Sultan Salahuddin Shah (Raja Lumu) 1745–1778
Sultan Ibrahim Shah (Raja Ibrahim) 1778–1826
Sultan Muhammad Shah (Raja Muhammad) 1826–1857
Sultan Sir Abdul Samad (Raja Abdul Samad) 1857–1896
Sultan Sir Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah (Raja Sulaiman) 1896–1937
Sultan Sir Hishamuddin Alam Shah Al-Haj (Tengku Alam Shah) 1937–1942
Sultan Musa Ghiatuddin Riayat Shah (Tengku Musaeddin) During Japanese occupation
Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al-Haj (Tengku Abdul Aziz Shah) 1960–2001
Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj (Tengku Idris Shah) 2001–present


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