Summer Sanitarium Tour

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Summer Sanitarium
Tour by Metallica
Start date June 23, 2000
End date August 9, 2000
Number of shows 21
Metallica concert chronology
  • M2K Mini Tour
  • Summer Sanitarium Tour
  • Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003

The Summer Sanitarium Tour was Metallica's packaged tour in the Summer of the year 2000. Taking place in "stadiums, arenas, and yes, even speedways,"[1] the tour was one of the top grossing tours of the Summer. It was also the final tour for long-time bassist Jason Newsted who quit the band in January 2001. Before the gig in Atlanta James Hetfield injured his back in a jet skiing accident and was forced to sit out three shows. Newsted sang most of the songs during these concerts, and the vocals and rhythm guitar were also taken by musicians from the supporting acts, such as Kid Rock and his guitarists Kenny Olson and Jason Krause, Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian of System of a Down, and Jonathan Davis of Korn.[2][3][4] At the end of the tour Metallica played six make up shows, two for each show Hetfield missed.

Bands on the bill 2000

Metallica typical setlist

(Taken from the Rockingham, North Carolina Speedway show on July 1, 2000)

  1. "Creeping Death"
  2. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  3. "Seek & Destroy"
  4. "Fade to Black"
  5. "Fuel"
  6. "The Memory Remains"
  7. "Sad But True"
  8. "No Leaf Clover"
  9. "King Nothing"
  10. "Wherever I May Roam"
  11. "Mastertarium"
  12. "Battery"
  13. "Nothing Else Matters"
  14. "I Disappear"
  15. "One"
  16. "Turn the Page" (originally performed by Bob Seger)
  17. "Enter Sandman"
  18. "Last Caress" (originally performed by the Misfits)
  19. "So What?" (originally performed by Anti-Nowhere League)
  20. "Die, Die My Darling" (originally performed by the Misfits)

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue Boxscores
North America
June 23, 2000 Seattle, Washington United States Memorial Stadium
June 30, 2000 Foxborough, Massachusetts Foxboro Stadium $3,173,885[5]
July 1, 2000 Rockingham, North Carolina North Carolina Speedway $1,479,335[5]
July 3, 2000 Madison, Illinois Gateway International Raceway $1,923,415[5]
July 4, 2000 Baltimore, Maryland PSINet Stadium $2,415,205[5]
July 7, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Dome $2,803,840[6]
July 8, 2000 Sparta, Kentucky Kentucky Speedway $3,280,030[6]
July 9, 2000 Irving, Texas Texas Stadium $3,160,170[6]
July 12, 2000 Denver, Colorado Mile High Stadium $2,445,950[6]
July 14, 2000 San Francisco, California 3Com Park $3,134,755[6]
July 15, 2000 Los Angeles, California Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum $4,334,590[6]
July 16, 2000 Phoenix, Arizona Desert Sky Pavilion
July 18, 2000 Los Angeles, California House of Blues
July 20, 2000 East Rutherford, New Jersey Giants Stadium $1,765,050[7]
July 22, 2000 Cicero, Illinois Chicago Motor Speedway
August 2, 2000 Dallas, Texas Starplex Amphitheatre
August 3, 2000
August 5, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia Lakewood Amphitheatre
August 6, 2000
August 8, 2000 Lexington, Kentucky Rupp Arena
August 9, 2000

Metallica personnel in 2000

Bands on the bill 2003

Metallica personnel in 2003


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