Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa

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Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa
Official Title Card
Created by ABS-CBN
Written by Randy Villanueva
Directed by Enrico C. Santos
Voices of Makisig Morales
Jairus Aquino
Kathryn Bernardo
Joshua Dionisio
Andrew Muhlach
Opening theme "Superhero" by Rocksteddy
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 14
Executive producer(s) Yog Macan
Running time 30 minutes
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original release November 22, 2009 - February 21, 2010, May 3, 2010 –
May 24, 2010
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Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa (English: Super Inggo and the Super Group) is the first 100% Pinoy Filipino animated TV series[citation needed] aired on ABS-CBN. The first season of Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa, which was composed of 14 episodes, ended on February 21, 2010 and returned on May 3, 2010. It is a spin-off of the television series Super Inggo.


The series tells the story of Budong, a poor boy who has a secret life as the superhero Super Inggo. Super Inggo, with his friends Ken and Teg, form the rookie superhero team, the Super Tropa. Other major characters are Budong's friends, Jomar and Maya, and Budong's mother, Pacita. Each episode, the protagonists find themselves in funny action-oriented adventures that provide life lessons by the end of the episode.


Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa is the first collaborative project between ABS-CBN TV Production, represented by business unit head and Vice President for TV Production Enrico Santos, and the newly formed ABS-CBN Animation Department, led by business unit head Guia Jose, who has trained at the Hanna-Barbera Studios in the US during the 80s. She explained that the first Pinoy animation will run for two seasons, with each season tentatively containing 13 episodes that will approximately run for 22 minutes.

Enrico also elaborated that ABS-CBN has a vision of coming up with the country's very own renowned animation department, much like the Walt Disney company. He said that if Walt Disney has Mickey Mouse, ABS-CBN is investing on Super Inggo as its own trademark character.


  • Budong aka Super Inggo: Despite being poor, Budong is a happy, hyperactive and well-meaning child. He is gifted with the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. In his own way, he takes care of everyone in their small town of Sto. Niño. Budong lives with Pacita, the woman he came to know as his mother. For Pacita, Budong would give and risk everything. After having discovered powers that he had inherited from his super hero father, Super Islaw, Budong attended the super hero school, the Power Academy, and becomes Super Inggo. Together with the Mighty Ken and the Amazing Teg, Super Inggo is a member of the Super Tropa that protects the town of Sto. Nino. His powers are flight, strength, the ability to project destructive fireballs and electric bolts, a sonic shriek, and the ability to generate a small hurricane.
  • Jomar: Jomar is Budong’s wacky and loyal super best friend and sidekick. He knows everything about Budong, even Budong’s secret life as a superhero. He gives advice to Budong whenever he needs it and cheers him up whenever he is down. Jomar always brings out the best in Budong. Jomar and Budong are inseparable. They grew up together and share the same dream of becoming a superhero. Jomar seems to have been abandoned by his mother, who works abroad. Jomar lives with the baker, Mang Kanor, also the father of Budong's crush, Maya.
  • Maya: After his mother Pacita, Maya is the love of Budong’s life. Budong affectionately calls Maya “Babes.” Charming, cheerful, colorful and lovable, Maya gives inspiration to our rookie superhero. Maya is the daughter of Kanor, the kind neighborhood baker who takes care of Budong and Jomar’s education. In exchange for Kanor sending them to school, Budong and Jomar act as Maya’s bodyguards. Maya likes acting older than she actually is. She loves make-up, trinkets and all sorts of accessories to make herself more beautiful, especially for her ultimate crush, Super Inggo. What Maya doesn’t know is that Budong and Super Inggo are the same person.
  • Ken aka The Mighty Ken: Like Budong, Ken attended Power Academy, the school for superheroes-in-training. His alter-ego, the Mighty Ken is a member of the Super Tropa along with Super Inggo and the Amazing Teg. He is passionate with causes concerning the environment. Ken comes from a tribe of humans who can transform into animals at will. While Ken will acquire these abilities when he matures, as of the moment, all he can transform into is a house cat. In human form, he retains the speed and agility of a cat and has retractable claws.
  • Teg aka The Amazing Teg: Like Budong and Ken, Teg attended Power Academy, the school for superheroes-in-training. His alter-ego, the Amazing Teg is a member of the Super Tropa along with Super Inggo and Mighty Ken. Teg has the ability to generate kinetic energy that allows him and any objects he touches to bounce.
  • Jack aka The Prince of Darkness/P.O.D.: Nothing much is revealed in the animated series about the Prince of Darkness except that he has a long-standing grudge with Super Inggo. It is implied that he has been Super Inggo's enemy for a long time. Evil, petty, and nihilistic, the Prince of Darkness uses his "shadow magic" to sow discord in the town of Sto. Nino. His goals seem small-minded for his powers. By the end of the show's pilot episode, Inggo entombed the Prince of Darkness in the heart of Taal Volcano. By the Roboman episode, however, the Prince of Darkness emerged, incarnated as a young boy, Jack. It seems that his struggle to survive being imprisoned in the volcano has sapped most of his powers, which is the reason he emerged as a boy. His goal now is to get back his powers and defeat Super Inggo once and for all. He is trying to recruit other villains to create his own army. His powers seem to be magical in nature. He can create weapons out of his shadow, fly, produce shadow fire and teleport within a small area during battles.
  • Pacita: Despite the fact that she is not his birth mother, Budong considers Pacita as the best mom in the whole world. Pacita serves as Budong’s inspiration in becoming a superhero. It is Budong’s wish to protect her from harm that made him want to become a superhero in the first place. Pacita is a caring and supportive mother to Budong. She treats Budong as if he is her real son. She also accepts Budong’s destiny of becoming a superhero—but not without hesitations. Like any good mother, she constantly worries about her son’s safety. Even if she is powerless, she is willing to risk her life to keep Budong away from harm.


Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa features the voices of the original characters:


As of January 10, there are currently 8 episodes. As usual the series is directed by Enrico Santos and written by Randy Villanueva. In some episodes some joined Randy Villanueva in the writing of some episodes. Obet Villela also wrote episodes 3, 4, 5 and 8, Christian Vidallo also wrote episode 2, Pear Clemente wrote 3 and Fionna Acaba wrote episode 4 respectively.

EP# Title Airdate
1 "The Amusing Race" November 22, 2009 (2009-11-22)
Budong overhears Pacita saying that she has to go abroad because they have many debts to pay. To help his mother with their debts so that she doesn't have to go away, Budong and Jomar decide to enter a contest called "The Amusing Race". Unknown to the young hero, his old nemesis, The Prince of Darkness, is hatching a plan to get rid of Budong forever.
2 "Game Over" November 29, 2009 (2009-11-29)
A freak accident causes video game characters to come alive and wreak havoc upon Budong's town.
3 "Mundong Ilalim (The Underworld)" December 6, 2009 (2009-12-06)
Iris, the king of a humanoid race that lives underground, enters our world to find Pacita and make her his queen.
4 "Giyera Patani (Pea War)" December 13, 2009 (2009-12-13)

War has come to Santo Niño!

That is, a petty grade war between the girls and boys of Santo Niño Elementary School. The boys are rehearsing a play about dwarves, which they hope will be more awesome than the girls’ play about fairies. The competition is stiff and causes friction between the two groups, especially between Budong and Maya.

Unknown to all, there is a real war going on just beneath their feet, a Lilliputian conflict between real fairies and dwarves. Once partners in taking care of nature, these two magical races are now bitter rivals fighting over the dwindling resources in the school’s backyard.

When the leaders of the two groups witness Budong and Maya in their plays, they think these kids are mighty warriors. The fairies kidnap Maya and make her their commander while the dwarves convince Budong to become their general.

As the diminutive hordes clash in combat, Budong and Maya discover that they are truly each other’s enemies now. Can Budong, as Super Inggo, bring back peace now that the dogs of war have been unleashed?
5 "Ang Alamat ni Suforonggi (The Legend of Suforonggi)" December 20, 2009 (2009-12-20)

After an awesome cameo appearance of the legendary Kung Fu Kids, Budong and his friends are invited to Mr. Katakawa’s Asian restaurant, wherein they are treated to a night of gastronomic pleasures. Katakawa, to the kids’ delight, isn’t just a talented cook but also a great storyteller. His best stories are about his ancestor, a mythical hero named Suforonggi who lived hundreds of years ago in an ancient land that sounds suspiciously like feudal Japan. Suforonggi’s greatest exploit, according to Katakawa, was his battle with twin dragons.

The night turns into a rollercoaster ride into the past when Budong accidentally awakens the magic of Suforonggi’s ancient sword. Pacita, Maya, Jomar, and Katakawa are sucked into a time portal generated by the sword and appear in Suforonggi’s time. Following them, Budong leaps into the time portal.

Budong learns that the warriors of that ancient land, the Chumorai, have captured our hero’s mother and friends, planning to sacrifice them to the twin dragons plaguing the region.

With Suforonggi’s magical sword and the rusty armor of a fallen warrior, Budong as Super Inggo must face the Chumorai horde. Yet defeating them is merely the beginning of his quest to save his mother and friends. Super Inggo must still face the twin dragons, creatures so terrible that only the mythical hero Suforonggi can defeat them.

Will Suforonggi appear in time to help Super Inggo? Or will the young superhero face the wrath of the twin dragons with nothing but a sword and a rusty armor?
6 "Roboman Part 1" December 27, 2009 (2009-12-27)

It’s the fiesta of Sto. Niño town and everyone is at the plaza to celebrate. With Vhong Navarro onstage, though, this isn’t just any old fiesta—it’s a shindig!

Unknown to the townsfolk, an old villain is emerging from the volcano. It’s the Prince of Darkness! After his last battle with Super Inggo, the scalawag has lost most of his power and he now wears the form of a boy, Jack. He swears to get his revenge upon Super Inggo.

Back at the fiesta, a great, god-awful stench puts a halt on the revelry. The corrupt Mayor Vicente is illegally transporting toxic waste in a secret dumpsite deep within the forest.

While everyone is having a blast at the plaza, Mang Raymund the electrician is busy repairing broken appliances in the hopes that he can save enough money for an expensive operation that would restore his daughter Grace’s sight.

That night, Jack sets into motion a series of events that would turn Mang Raymund into a monster. Through Jack’s actions, Mang Raymund is bathed with toxic waste from one of the canisters being transported to Mayor Vicente’s dumpsite. What emerges is the mechanical menace, Roboman.

Roboman’s power to control machines and turn his body into weapons comes with a steep price, though: his loss of humanity breaks his mind. Mang Raymund’s last sane thought—his desire to make enough money for Grace’s operation—compels Roboman to raid Mayor Vicente’s house.

When Roboman discovers that Grace has befriended Super Inggo, all hell breaks loose. Will Super Inggo be able to stop the once mild-mannered Mang Raymund and give him back his humanity?
7 "Roboman Part 2" January 3, 2010 (2010-01-03)

Things aren’t so awesome for Super Inggo. He’s just had his ass handed to him by his neighbor, Raymund, who has been turned into a mechanical menace by the machinations of the boy Jack, the Prince of Darkness returned. It’s all part of Jack’s plan to punish our hero for the villain’s past defeat at the hands of Super Inggo.

Raymund, now calling himself Roboman, has lost his humanity and his sanity while gaining the power to control machines and turn his robotic body into weapons. All that’s left of the once-gentle Raymund is his overpowering desire to find enough money to pay for his daughter Grace’s eye operation.

Roboman and Super Inggo’s battle reaches the plaza, where the entire town of Sto. Niño is celebrating its fiesta. Roboman reveals that he has another ace in the hole: Mayor Vicente’s wife, who is about to die horribly under a vat of flesh-eating toxic waste in Vicente’s illegal dumpsite.

Can Super Inggo save the Mayor’s wife, stop Roboman’s rampage, and give Grace back her father?
8 "Ani-Men" January 10, 2010 (2010-01-10)

Poachers are marauding the forest near Budong’s home and it’s a job for Super Inggo to stop them. Joining him is the Mighty Ken, who has a special grudge against criminals like this since he’s part animal himself. What they didn’t expect was the appearance of a creature that can turn itself into any animal at will. This creature is Logan.

Logan is one of the Ani-men, a tribe of metamorphic humans who live in the forest. He reveals that Ken’s power to transform into a cat comes from his ancestors, who are of Logan’s tribe. Ken learns from Logan that in the future, the boy will learn to turn himself into any animal just like his brethren.

Logan tells Budong his purpose in the town of Sto. Niño: to find his sister Megan, who has been kidnapped by the poachers. Budong, Ken, and Teg agree to help Logan. They head back to the forest.

Meanwhile, in the lair of the poachers deep within the forest, an evil scientific experiment is being conducted. The half-mad Dr. Zoolittle, the leader of the poachers, is turning the captured animals into abominations using his invention, a mutagenic serum.

It all comes down to a battle between our heroes and Dr. Zoolittle’s mutated animals. In the end, the mystery of who Dr. Zoolittle really is will be revealed.

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