Suraiya Faroqhi

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Suraiya Faroqhi
Born 1941
Berlin, Germany
Academic work
Main interests Ottoman History
Notable works Subjects of the Sultan: Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire (2005)
The Ottoman Empire (2008)

Suraiya Faroqhi (b. 1941 Berlin, Germany), is a German scholar, Ottoman historian and a leading authority on Ottoman History,


She was born in Berlin to a German mother and Indian father in 1941. She studied at Hamburg University and she came to Istanbul through a university exchange program when she was 21. At Istanbul University, she became a student of Ömer Lütfi Barkan. She completed her master's degree in Hamburg and between 1968-1970 she studied English Language Teaching at Indiana University-Bloomington. After her post-doctorate, she worked as English Lecturer at METU. She retired from METU in 1987 and from München Ludwig Maximillan Universität in 2005.

A turning point in her life came in 1962-63, when she took the opportunity to go to Istanbul University on a fellowship as an exchange student. Subsequently she became a student of Ömer Lüfti Barkan, one of the founding fathers of Ottoman history and an editor of Annales. When she first read Fernand Braudel at Barkan’s insistence, she “had the feeling that’s the sort of thing I wanted to do.” She wrote her doctoral thesis at Hamburg on a set of documents that a late 16th-century vizier submitted to his sultan discussing Ottoman politics at the time.[1]

She is regarded as one of the most important economic and social historians of the Ottoman Empire working today. Professor Faroqhi has written substantially on Ottoman urban history, arts and crafts, and on the hitherto underrepresented world of the ordinary people in the empire. She is well known for her distinctive approach to Ottoman everyday life and public culture. She has published numerous books and articles in the field of pre- modern Ottoman history.[2]



  • Subjects of the Sultan: Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire (2005)
  • The Ottoman Empire (2008)
  • Approaching Ottoman History: An Introduction to the Sources (2000)
  • Artisans of Empire: Crafts and Craftspeople Under the Ottomans (2009)
  • The Ottoman Empire and the World Around It (2006)
  • Coping with the state: Political conflict and crime in the Ottoman Empire, 1550-1720 (1995)
  • Merchants in the Ottoman Empire (2008)
  • Pilgrims and Sultans: The Haji under the Ottomans (1994)
  • Stories of Ottoman Men and Women: Establishing Status, Establishing Control (2002)
  • Men of Modest Substance: House Owners and House Property in Seventeenth-Century Ankara and Kayseri (2002)
  • Animals and people in the Ottoman Empire
  • The Ottomans and the Balkans : a discussion of historiography (2002) Diğer yazar Fikret Adanır.
  • Crafts and craftsmen of the Middle East: fashioning the individual in the Muslim Mediterranean (2005) Diğer yazar Randi Deguilhem.


  • "Osmanlı Tarihi Nasıl İncelenir?" (TARİH VAKFI YURT YAYINLARI, 2009)
  • Osmanlı dünyasında üretmek, pazarlamak, yaşamak' (Çeviri kitap, 2003)
  • 'Osmanlı kültürü ve gündelik yaşam: ortaçağdan yirminci yüzyıla' (Çeviri kitap, 1997)
  • Orta Halli Osmanlılar (TÜRKİYE İŞ BANKASI YAYINLARI, 2009)
  • Osmanlı İmparatorluğu ve Etrafındaki Dünya (KİTAP YAYINEVİ, 2010)
  • Osmanlı Şehirleri ve Kırsal Hayatı (DOĞU BATI YAYINLARI, 2006)
  • Anadolu'da Bektaşilik (SİMURG YAYINLARI, 2004)
  • Hacılar ve Sultanlar 1517-1638 (TARİH VAKFI YURT YAYINLARI, 2008)
  • Osmanlı' da Kentler ve Kentliler (TARİH VAKFI YURT YAYINLARI)


  • Die Vorlagen (telhise) des grosswesirs Sinan Pasa an Sultan Murad III. (1967)
  • Der Bektaschi-orden in Anatolien (1981)
  • Kultur und Alltag im Osmanischen Reich: Vom Mittelalter bis zum Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts.(1995)
  • Herrscher über Mekka. Die Geschichte der Pilgerfahrt (2000)
  • Geschichte des Osmanischen reiches (2006)

Edited by Her

  • The Cambridge history of Turkey : the later Ottoman Empire 1603-1839 (2006) edited by S. F.
  • Ottoman costumes : from textile to identity (2004) edited by S. F.
  • Osmanlıda bir köle : Brettenli Michael Heberer’in anıları 1585 - 1588 (2003) (Önsöz)
  • The illuminated table, the prosperous house : food and shelter in Ottoman material culture (2003) - Soframız nur hanemiz mamur : Osmanlı maddi kültüründe yemek ve barınak (2006) edited by S. F.
  • Armağan : festschrift für Andreas Tietze (1994)
  • An Ottoman statesman in war and peace : Ahmed Resmi Efendi (1700-1783).(1995) edited by S. F.
  • Sacred law in the holy city : the Khedival challenge to the Ottomans as seen from Jerusalem : 1829-1841 (2004) edited by S. F.
  • The sons of Bayezid : empire building and representation in the Ottoman civil war of : 1402-1413 (2006) edited by S. F.
  • Haifa in the late Ottoman period : 1864-1914 : a Muslim town in transition. (1998) edited by S. F.
  • Ransom slavery along the Ottoman borders : (early fifteenth, early eighteenth centuries (2007) edited by S. F
  • Türkiye tarihi : Geç Osmanlı İmparatorluğu 1603-1839 (2011) edited by S. F
  • Osmanlı ve Balkanlar : bir tarihyazımı tartışması (2011)


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