Svante Nilsson (regent of Sweden)

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Svante Nilsson
File:Svante Nilsson Regent of Sweden seal 1879.jpg
Seal of Svante Nilsson
Reign 21 January 1504 – 2 January 1512
Predecessor Sten Sture the Elder
Successor Eric Trolle
Born 1460
Died 2 January 1512
Spouse Iliana Gädda, Mette Ivarsdotter Dyre
Issue Sten Sture the Younger
House Natt och Dag
Father Nils Bosson

Svante Nilsson (1460 – 2 January 1512) was a Swedish statesman and regent of Sweden 1504 – 2 January 1512.


He was born around 1460 as the son of Nils Bosson of the family of Natt och Dag (whose mother was of Sture family). He never himself used the name Sture, but his son later took the great-grandmother's name because of its prestige and tradition of preserving the Swedish independence. He became a member of the Privy Council of Sweden no later than 1482, but acted in opposition to his distant kinsman Sten Sture the Elder, going as far as supporting John of Denmark. Unwillingly he then switched sides and supported Sten Sture in overthrowing the king, which at the death of Sten Sture led to himself being elected regent. From 1501 he was at war with Denmark. His resignation was demanded by the Privy Council of Sweden in the summer of 1511, but in practice he remained in power until his death on 2 January 1512.

His first marriage (1490–1495) with Iliana Gädda, produced the son Sten Sture the Younger. He married a second time with Mette Dyre (1504–1512).



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Svante Nilsson Sture
Born: 1460 Died: 2 January 1512
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sten Sture the Elder
Regent of Sweden
Succeeded by
Eric Trolle