Swedish National Socialist Farmers' and Workers' Party

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The Swedish National Socialist Freedom League (in Swedish: Svenska Nationalsocialistiska Frihetsförbundet) was the first National Socialist organization in Sweden.


Party symbol

The organization was founded by Birger Furugård and his two brothers Sigurd and Gunnar, at a meeting in Älvdalen 12 August 1924. The group started the publication Nationalsocialisten, with Sigurd as its editor.

In 1923 Sigurd and Gunnar had met Adolf Hitler and Erich Ludendorff.[1]

The following year the organization was renamed the Swedish National Socialist Peasants and Workers Party (Svenska Nationalsocialistiska Bonde- och Arbetarpartiet). The party largely remained confined to Värmland. The publication of Nationalsocialisten was discontinued.

In 1930 the party merged with the National Socialist People's Party of Sweden of Sven Olov Lindholm, and formed the Swedish National Socialist Party (SNSP).


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