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Developer(s) Calerga Sarl
Stable release 5.0 / November 5, 2013
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type Technical computing
License Proprietary
Website Sysquake product page

Sysquake is a numerical computing environment based on a programming language[Name?] mostly-compatible with MATLAB. It offers facilities for interactive graphics which give insights into the problems being analyzed. It is used in teaching, research, and engineering.[1]

Sysquake supports two kinds of codes: libraries (collections of related functions which extend Sysquake capabilities), and SQ files, applications with interactive graphics which can have their own menus. Sysquake Pro can also be extended with plugins.[2]


Several applications share a large part of Sysquake code:

Sysquake Application Builder 
program which creates stand-alone executable applications (bundled with Sysquake Pro)
Sysquake for LaTeX 
Sysquake's language and graphics directly in LaTeX (package file and compiled application)

Libraries are usually compatible with all these applications.

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