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TED Ankara College Foundation Schools Emblem

TED Ankara College Foundation Schools is a group of private schools in Turkey. College consists of kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high schools. TED Ankara College Foundation Schools Incek Campus is located in Ankara, Turkey.


With the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, education was one of the areas initially emphasised by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In this framework, at Atatürk's request and with his guidance, the Turkish Education Association (TED - Türk Eğitim Derneği) was founded in 1928 and lead the establishment of qualified Turkish schools.

The first chairman of the TED was İsmet İnönü, the second president of Turkey. The emblem of TED got its crescent from the Turkish national flag, its torch, which is the symbol of education, from the goal of association and its stars from the aim of immortalizing the respect and the kindness towards the five administrative committee members.

TED Ankara College was founded in 1930 as the first school established by TED, and was the first private Turkish school established after the foundation of Republic of Turkey to instruct in English (The first private Turkish school to instruct in English is FMV Işık Lisesi, founded in the Ottoman era). In 1931, the primary school, in 1933, the middle school, in 1936 the high school were established. In 1963, the school's administration was handed over to TED Ankara College Foundation. In 2000, the foundation started to build a campus in İncek, Ankara. In 2003-2004 education year, they moved their establishments from Kolej, Ankara to this campus. The name Kolej, the district where TED Ankara College Foundation Schools were located, is coming from the name of the college. The emblem of the schools are coming from the emblem of the association.

TED Ankara College currently has more than 5,000 students, 500 teachers, 220 employees and 26,000 alumni, including many important Turkish people, such as politicians, famous actors, artists, lawyers and businessmen.

TED Ankara College Foundation High School is accredited to give IB Diploma Program by International Baccalaureate Organization - (IBO) and is one of the IB Schools in Turkey.

Campus life

TED Ankara College Foundation İncek campus [1] is a model education facility model not only in Turkey but also abroad for its student capacity and facilities. With its contemporary education site with 141,000 square meters of enclosed area and over 309,000 square meters of open area - the largest combined area among high schools in Europe, this facility provides the best education environment for its students, helps the new generations to improve their imagination, creativity and makes life and learning more enjoyable.

The campus is located east of Taspınar village on Yumrubel in İncek, which is in the south part of the capital city, Ankara.

The classrooms form clusters, clusters form class groups, and class groups lead to the formation of schools. In this formation all features have been planned to keep up with the pace of the contemporary education. The premises of the new campus can accommodate altogether 6,000 people. School sections consist of:

  • Kindergarten, with a capacity of 450 students
  • Primary school for grades 1–5 with a capacity of 2,050 students
  • Primary school for grades 6–8 with a capacity of 1,800 students
  • High school with a capacity of 1,920 students including 120 prep-grade students.

The campus plans include many facilities such as:

  • A sports hall with a capacity of 3,000 people,
  • 2 halls for sports training
  • An art center with 9 studios for various purposes
  • A spacious theatre-auditorium for 800 people
  • A catering center
  • A social club with a restaurant, a café bar, recreation centers, an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts (Under Construction)

However, due to the current overpopulation, some of the listed facilities were recently turned into classrooms.

College library

TED Ankara College Library is situated in the TED Ankara College Campus. The library is divided into four buildings in the campus. The primary school library is in the north building complex, the secondary school and lycee libraries are in the east building complexes and there is another section in the administration building which is situated in the middle. The lyce library also contains an additional research library inside.

Each library has a specific level of content according to where it is located (i.e. primary school, secondary school, or lyce library). All four libraries use Dewey Classification system and all the books except the ones in the research library are available to borrow.

Library also hosts a website which the books can be found online, there are also some additional online content in the library's website.[2]

International affiliations

  • ECIS: The European Council of International Schools
  • CIS: Council of International Schools
  • MA: Mathematical Association
  • IATEFL: International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
  • ICASE: International Council of Association for Science Educators
  • IASL: International Association of School Librarianship
  • ASE: The Association for Science Education
  • GLOBE: "Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment"
  • IBO: International Baccalaureate Organization

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