Taman Sari (Jakarta)

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Taman Sari is a subdistrict of West Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the smallest subdistrict of West Jakarta (4.37 km2). Taman Sari is bounded by Central Jakarta to the south and to the east, and by North Jakarta to the north.

Taman Sari subdistrict contains the southeastern area of Jakarta Old Town, the area on the east side of Kali Besar Canal. This area is the oldest area of Jakarta and a center of administration of Batavia (the old name for Jakarta) during the 17th century. This historic area is located within the Pinangsia sdministrative village, the northern part of Taman Sari subdistrict.

Glodok administrative village, on the eastern part of Taman Sari, is the largest Chinatown in Jakarta.

Kelurahan (administrative villages)

The subdistrict of Taman Sari is divided into eight kelurahan or administrative villages:

  • Pinangsia - area code 11110
  • Glodok - area code 11120
  • Keagungan - area code 11130
  • Krukut - area code 11140
  • Taman Sari - area code 11150
  • Maphar - area code 11160
  • Tangki - area code 11170
  • Mangga Besar - area code 11180

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