Tebet, South Jakarta

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Tebet Subdistrict government office.

Tebet is a subdistrict of South Jakarta, one of the administrative cities which form the Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia. The boundaries of Tebet are Jend. Gatot Subroto-Letjen Haryono MT. tollway to the south, Ciliwung River to the east, Jalan Casablanca - Ciliwung River to the north, and Cideng River to the west. This subdistrict is home to SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta

Tebet is prone to flooding, especially the area around the Ciliwung River.


In preparation for GANEFO and the 1962 Asian Games, the neighbourhood of Senayan was demolished to accommodate the construction of a new sporting complex. During this process, the residents of Senayan were relocated to a new area to the east of Senayan, named Tebet. The formerly residents of Senayan relocate to Tebet Barat (West Tebet) and Tebet Timur (East Tebet). Actually Tebet already has origin resident with rather different culture and language dialect, resident from Senayan usually called 'betawi Senayan'. Story told that the government bought the land from these origin Tebet resident and paid in cash. The subdistrict of Tebet was planned with many parks, a well defined main road and residential roads,schools,clinics, with supporting facilities. The name of elementary school is SD,Tebet Barat 1, SD.Tebet Barat 2,SD. Tebet Timur 1, SD.Tebet Timur 2 and so on. Formerly Junior High School is SMP Negeri 73 locate in Tebet Timur area. Name of 'Tebet' itself came from bahasa Indonesia 'tebat' which is the meaning is 'pond' as naturally we could find many ponds in Tebet area during '60s and before (Rawa Bilal for example -the area became Tebet Mas now). During 70's and before some roads name reflecs the era of Indonesia first President Soekarno (Old Orde) like Ganefo, Nefo, Usdek, Berdikari, Trikora etc.

Kelurahan (Administrative villages)

Tebet Subdistrict is divided into seven kelurahan or administrative villages:

  • Tebet Barat - area code 12810
  • Tebet Timur - area code 12820
  • Kebon Baru - area code 12830
  • Bukit Duri - area code 12840
  • Manggarai - area code 12850
  • Manggarai Selatan - area code 12860
  • Menteng Dalam - area code 12870

List of important places

File:Manggarai sta 100210-0803.jpg
Manggarai Station, located in Tebet Subdistrict, serves the Jakarta-Bogor Railway.
  • Menteng Pulo Cemetery
  • Cawang Railway Station (in Tebet Timur actually)
  • Manggarai Railway Station, Railway Workshops and Depot
  • Sahid University
  • Taman Tebet or "Tebet Park"
  • Tebet Railway Station
  • SMPN 115 Jakarta.