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The state broadcaster Kuwait Television operates the domestic channels, including KTV1 (music shows, news, current affairs and official conferences coverage), KTV2 (family programmes in English, Kuwaiti TV series subbed in English and English Movies subbed in Arabic) and KTV Sport (formerly KTV3).[1]

There are 28 free-to-air satellite channels headquartered in Kuwait, 21 of which are privately owned. Direct-to-home is the dominant platform in the pay-television market. KCV is the only provider of cable television.[1]

List of channels

Official channels

Islamic channels

  • Al Anwar TV
  • Al Anwar TV2
  • Karbala TV
  • Al-Resalah TV
  • Alafasy TV

Other channels

  • Al Rai TV
  • Funoon TV
  • Scope TV
  • Alwatan TV
  • Alwatan Plus
  • Alwatan Ghanawi
  • Alwatan radio TV channel
  • Al-Kout TV
  • Al-Adala TV
  • Alsabah TV
  • Al-Bawadi TV
  • Marina FM Radio
  • alshahed TV
  • rawasy TV
  • qadsawi TV
  • Kuwait Space Channel

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