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This template has been designed for a bot. Discussion about the actions of the bot should take place on this template's talkpage.

What to do next

If a page has been tagged with this template, that means a bot found a link that validated against either the local blacklist or the global blacklist.

Just because your link is blacklisted, doesn't necessarily mean it's spam. It may have been blacklisted because something else on that site was used in an abusive manner in the past.

Generally the easiest way to deal with the situation is to remove the link, and/or replace it with some other link that is not questionable.

If you think that the link is of good use for the article and would like to keep it, you have the following options:

  1. Request to permanently whitelist the specific link here and then temporarily request the bot ignore the link here.
  2. Request for removal of the blacklist entry. Note that if a domain has a significant past where it was heavily spammed, administrators at the blacklist are likely going to refer you to the whitelist. There are two request areas to de-blacklist a link:
  3. Request that the link be ignored by the bot by adding the link to the Spam Exceptions list here or set the invisible parameter to true. This is generally a temporary solution, as whitelisting or de-blacklisting is preferred as a longer term solution.

What about the tag?

Ordinarily, once the link has been whitelisted, or added to the exceptions list, the tag can be safely removed from the page. However, in some cases the bot may come back to re-tag it. Because the bot processes enormous amounts of information and tags a lot of pages, it can take several hours before the new rule goes into effect and the bot accepts its removal. To avoid any frustration, the tag should be left alone for the bot to remove if such cases occur. If the bot persists in tagging the page after it has been whitelisted, contact Cyberpower678 (talk<dot-separator>contribs) to investigate the situation.


Bugs can happen. After all, it's we humans that program these bots. If you have bugs to report, direct them to Cyberpower678 (talk<dot-separator>contribs). If you are reporting a false positive, please verify it is indeed a false positive by pasting the external link into the message to the bot operator. This verifies that the bot is seeing something it shouldn't be seeing.