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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (online ed.). Oxford University Press.<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css"></templatestyles> (Subscription or UK public library membership required.)

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{{Cite ODNB|id=ODNB article number|title=ODNB article name}}

For example, {{Cite ODNB|id=29986|title=Worsley, Sir Richard}} displays:

Lua error in Module:Citation/CS1/Identifiers at line 47: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). (Subscription or UK public library membership required.)
List of supported parameters (for a fuller explanation see {{cite encyclopedia}})

These parameters are pre-set but can be overridden with other values

Author names:

  • first=name; last=name; authorlink=article name
  • first2=name; last2=name; authorlink2=article name — Useful for the name of the reviewer.
  • first3=name; last3=name; — There may occasionally be three authors. Currently this template only handles up to three.
  • author=name
  • author2=name
  • author3=name

Article titles and identification:

  • title=name of the ODNB article
  • id=number — This is non standard and consists of the "article number" (the last set of digits of an ODNB doi or biography URL).
  • doi=doi — Can be used instead of the parameter id=.
  • url=URL of the ODNB article — Can be used with or in place of the parameter id=, but is also essential for ODNB non-biography articles such as "Themes" which do not conform to the usual ODNB url biography format and do not have a doi. See, for example:

Years and dates

  • origyear=origninal year — The initial year of publication is usually 2004 if there has one or more updates the current year parameter my be different.
  • year=year of ODNB article publication
  • date=date of ODNB article publication — If date and year parameters are both set then date parameter value is displayed but year parameter value is used by templates such as {{harvnb}}.
  • accessdate=month year — Not needed as the ODNB has both date of article modification, a builtin archive and a doi structure.

The "mode" parameter is able to alter the punctuation between fields, and the terminator. The default is citation style 1: "." between fields and at the end. Set "mode=cs2" to change the appearance of this template to match citation style 2, the other commonly used template style of {{citation}}, which uses "," between fields and nothing at the end.

  • mode=cs2 (or omit)

Hidden categories

This template places articles that incorporate it into an administrative hidden category:

Pages using both |id= and |doi= are tracked in Category:Pages using cite ODNB with both doi and id parameters

See also

  • {{ODNBsub}} — A subscription template used as a postscript by this template.
  • {{DNBfirst}} — Can be placed on the same line as {{Cite ODNB}} to allow readers who do not have access to ODNB to see older versions of the text now in the public domain. This is particularly useful if there is a version of the text available on Wikisource. Please refrain from using this template if the same DNB article is already available in the Wikipedia article via {{Cite DNB}} or {{DNB}}.
  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Dictionary of National Biography.
  • {{Subscription or libraries}} — A template for use when a subscription may be required or the source may be at a library.