Chilean Tercera División

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Tercera División
Country Chile
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 1981
Number of teams 14
Level on pyramid 4
Promotion to Segunda División
Relegation to Cuarta División
Domestic cup(s) Copa Chile
Current champions Independiente (1st title)
Most championships Ñublense, Colchagua (3 titles)
Website Official webpage

Tercera División de Chile (Third Division of Chile), is the fourth tier of Chilean football (soccer). It is organized by the Federación de Fútbol de Chile and the Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Amateur de Chile. It is both the fourth level of the Chilean football league system and the top league for Chilean Football Youth Leagues.


In 1979, a commission to study applications for a Third Division amateur league was created by the Federación de Fútbol de Chile. 25 teams throughout the country participated on the first edition of the league in 1981. Since 1997, only players below 23 years are allowed to participate.

Currently, 14 teams participate on 2013-14 season. The winner of the league gets promoted to Segunda División.

League rules

Matchday squads in the Tercera División must include only players under the age of 23.

Tercera División champions

As third level of the Chilean League system

Season Champion Runner-up Third place
1981 Fernández Vial Laja
1982 Laja Lautaro
1983 Súper Lo Miranda Iván Mayo
1984 Santiago Morning Ñublense
1985 Ñublense Soinca Bata
1986 General Velásquez Iván Mayo
1987 Colchagua Juventud Ferro
1988 Soinca Bata Laja
1989 Lozapenco Unión Santa Cruz
1990 Unión La Calera Unión Santa Cruz
1991 Unión Santa Cruz San Luis
1992 Ñublense Curicó Unido
1993 Ovalle Curicó Unido
1994 Linares Santiago Morning
1995 Magallanes General Velásquez
1996 Santiago Morning Universidad de Concepción Unión La Calera
1997 Universidad de Concepción Barnechea
1998 Colchagua Barnechea
1999 Talcahuano Unión La Calera
2000 Unión La Calera Copiapó
2001 Lota Schwager Copiapó
2002 Copiapó Malleco Unido Trasandino
2003 San Luis Linares
2004 Ñublense Curicó Unido
2005 Curicó Unido Trasandino
2006 Municipal Iquique Iberia Instituto Nacional
2007 San Marcos Colchagua Ovalle
2008 Naval Temuco Unión Temuco
2009 Unión Temuco Iberia Temuco
2010 Magallanes Trasandino Barnechea
2011 Barnechea Fernández Vial Iberia

As fourth level of the Chilean League system

Season Champion Runner-up Third place
2012 Trasandino Deportes Linares San Antonio Unido
2013 Fernández Vial Quilicura Provincial Talagante
2014 Deportes Colchagua Deportes Santa Cruz Provincial Marga Marga
2015 Independiente de Cauquenes Deportes Vallenar Tomás Greig

Titles by Team

Team Titles
Colchagua 3
Ñublense 3
Naval 2
Santiago Morning 2
Unión La Calera 2
Magallanes 2
Fernández Vial 2
Barnechea 1
Lota Schwager 1
Curicó Unido 1
General Velásquez 1
Linares 1
San Marcos 1
Municipal Iquique 1
Copiapó 1
Ovalle 1
Unión Temuco 1
Unión Santa Cruz 1
San Luis 1
Trasandino 1
Universidad de Concepción 1
Laja 1
Lozapenco 1
Soinca Bata 1
Súper Lo Miranda 1
Independiente de Cauquenes 1

Tercera División Cup champions

Official knock-out competition open to the clubs in the two lower divisions of the Chilean football league system, only played two seasons, 1991 and 2015. The winners gets bonification points for the league tournament.

Year Champion Runner-up Score Trophy
1991 Curicó Unido Atlético Curacaví 1:1, 0:0 (4-2p) Copa Confraternidad
2015 Deportes Rengo Real San Joaquín 3:0, 2:1 Copa Absoluta

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