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TheStreet, Inc.
Type Public
Founded 1996
Headquarters 14 Wall Street
New York City, New York, United States
Key people James Cramer, Co-Founder
Elisabeth DeMarse, Chairman and CEO
Janet Guyon, Editor-in-Chief,
Jeff Kanige, Editor-in-Chief, The Deal
John Ferrara, Chief Financial Officer
Stefan Chopin, Chief Technology Officer
Industry Broadcast media
Products Online publishing
Employees 800 (2015)

TheStreet, Inc., is an American financial news and services website founded by Jim Cramer and Martin Peretz.


TheStreet, Inc., (formerly,, Inc.) was co-founded in 1996 by Jim Cramer and Martin Peretz. The company is headquartered at 14 Wall Street in New York City. Its stock went public in May 1999 under the direction of past Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kevin English and former Chief Financial Officer Paul Kothari.[1][2]

Under the direction of Thomas J. Clarke, Jr., TheStreet's former chairman and CEO, the company reported its first annual profit in 2005. Jim Cramer became chairman in October 2008.[3] Daryl Otte, a long-time company director, became CEO in May 2009[4] after the resignation of the former CEO.[5] Otte is the founding partner of Montefiore Partners, a venture capital investment fund management firm, and a former executive at media company Ziff-Davis[6] On March 7, 2012 TheStreet announced that Elisabeth DeMarse was hired as CEO and president, replacing outgoing CEO Daryl Otte.[7]

Beginning as a single web site, TheStreet, Inc. expanded and now publishes consumer Web sites, Stockpickr, and In addition to news and financial analysis, TheStreet, Inc. also provides subscription investor services like RealMoney RealMoney Pro, Breakout Stocks, Stocks Under $10, OptionsProfits, Chat on TheStreet, The Daily Swing Trade, Top Stocks, TheStreet Ratings [8] and Action Alerts Plus,[9] run by Jack Mohr.[10]

In 2007, TheStreet, Inc. bought,[11] Rate Watch and BankingMyWay.[12] In 2008, TheStreet, Inc. purchased a 13 percent stake in, the Boston-based online management tool, with an option to purchase the company.[13]

TheStreet's features include: The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week; Street Whispers, and The Digital Skeptic. Dave Kansas became editor-in-chief in April 1997. Kansas also opened a San Francisco bureau and sat on the board of TheStreet, Inc..[14] In July 2001, David J. Morrow, a former New York Times reporter, joined TheStreet, Inc. as its editor-in-chief upon Kansas's departure. Glenn Hall, a former news manager at Freedom Communications (The Orange County Register) and Bloomberg News, replaced Morrow in August 2009.[4] William Inman, former Bloomberg News Editor, replaced Glenn Hall as Editor-in-Chief in March 2012. Janet Guyon, from Fortune and the Wall Street Journal, joined in April of 2014 to replace William Inman. Jim Cramer remains one of the company's commentators.

While the TheStreet's most noteworthy personality is Jim Cramer, other contributors include Adam Feuerstein, and Doug Kass. Former contributors include Aaron Task, Alix Steel, Dave Kansas, Herb Greenberg, and Brett Arends. Investors have expressed concern for the company's heavy reliance on Jim Cramer according to investing columnist Henry Blodget.[15] Blodget argued that TheStreet "has diversified in recent years, and there's plenty of talent aboard." Cramer promotes TheStreet on his TV show Mad Money and is a main contributor to TheStreet.

In 2008, the Arizona Reporter Newswire alleged that TheStreet, Inc may have conflicts of interest relating to their subsidiary[16]

The company launched several mobile applications.[17] The Blackberry version was mentioned as "Official Honoree" for the Mobile Applications category of the 2009 Webby awards,[18] got an honorable mention in the 2009 "Best of the Web" awards by Min online[19] and together with the iPhone version won the 2008 "Creative Use of Online" award by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).[20]

In September 2010 TheStreet, Inc. launched a mobile website with content from their main site,[21] In 1999, TheStreet's market value was $1.7bn. In 2014, the Nasdaq-listed company is worth less than $80m.[22]

Affiliates is an online financial magazine & news site by, directed toward mainstream America and presupposing a very limited financial knowledge (unlike In addition to news, features and articles, features consumer reports and investing advice. Users who have trouble engaging with, because of the terminology and assumed knowledge, tend to find much more accessible, since it is written for the average layperson who does not have an in-depth understanding of Wall Street. Unlike its parent company, MainStreet covers all sectors of business and daily life from business to fashion. Mainstreet headquarters in located on Wall Street.[clarification needed][citation needed].[23]


StockPickr is a financial services site. It is one of the first sites to incorporate both investment ideas as well as social networking. This community, known as the Stock Idea Network, combines insight from professional investors as well as community members. Users are able to share, debate, and otherwise discuss information and ideas related to finance on the site's message boards, which are frequented by financial professionals.[24]

StockPickr was named one of's 50 best web sites in 2007. There are an estimated 150,000-plus user-generated portfolios, as well as portfolios of professional finance professionals on the site.[24] is a personal banking and investment site, focused on the individual's finances rather than investments.

The Deal

September 12, 2012 [25] acquired The Deal LLC, a media company that covers mergers and acquisitions. [26]

DealFlow Media

On April 22, 2013, TheStreet Inc. acquired The DealFlow Report and The Life Settlements Report financial newsletters and the PrivateRaise database from DealFlow Media Inc. Financial terms were not disclosed. The DealFlow Report covers the microcap equity markets, including initial public offerings and private placements, while The Life Settlements Report focuses on life insurance settlements. The content of both newsletters will be made available to The Deal Pipeline subscribers. The target has 10 employees, half based in Petaluma, California, and the others in Woodbury, New York.

TheStreet to Acquire Management Diagnostics Ltd

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