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The Cathedral is a Dark Enlightenment term invented by Curtis Yarvin.[1] It is used among the alt-right and neoreaction political movements of the 2010s[2] to describe the Western World's alleged secular state religion. The Cathedral is claimed to be an emergent conspiracy overseen by internationally-minded social elites who follow the principles of political correctness. These elites are generally upper middle class and higher academics, media figures, government and political functionaries, and business leaders.[3][4]


The term is part of alt-right rhetoric to describe the alleged long-term decline and replacement of traditional Western civilization. The Cathedral is socialistic in nature, seeking to impose ever more bureaucratic control over daily life through seemingly impenetrable regulations as a control tool.[5] This can happen through infiltration of existing institutions, also known as SJW convergence. The Cathedral is international in outlook, embracing a type of cosmopolitanism. To the Cathedral, one of the worst political sins is racism, and especially Islamophobia. The Cathedral is said to be in favor of mass immigration from the Third World into Western countries, which may lead to a process of population replacement. The shared dream of the Cathedral, also known as liberal universalism, is said be to create a non-white world state.[6]


The concept if not the term has a lengthy provenance. In June 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle claimed that American and Western values were increasingly being altered along socialist lines by "cultural elite" groups of people in the media and academia.[7] The influence was even in evidence a half-century before that.

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