The Elder Scrolls: The Infernal City

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The Infernal City
Author Greg Keyes
Language English
Series The Elder Scrolls
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date
November 24, 2009
Media type Print (Paperback), Download (E-Reader)
Pages 217 pp
ISBN 978-0-345-50801-0

The Infernal City is a book by Greg Keyes. It is the first of two books based on The Elder Scrolls series of video games.[1]


Four decades after the Oblivion Crisis, an unknown mass appeared on the coast of Black Marsh during a powerful storm. Meanwhile, a Dunmer assassin named Sul awakens from a nightmare in which he Colin, a young Inspector for the Penitus Oculatus, inspected the area where Attrebus was attacked. He discovered a decapitated and charred body with Attrebus' Imperial signet ring, but thought it was too convenient to be authentic. Meanwhile, Attrebus awoke tied up and riding a horse.

During the attack, Annaïg lost the locket that connected her to Coo, but accidentally acquired Qijne's invisible, possibly biological, blade, which wrapped itself around her forearm and extended as she wished. In an outdoor area of Umbriel that Glim discovered called the Fringe Gyre, he found trees that appeared to be related to Hist, since he could hear them murmuring.

They traveled to Water's Edge for supplies, and while there Attrebus tried to garner support from an old friend, Captain Florius Larsus. Florius agreed to join Attrebus, but while waiting for him in a tavern Attrebus was attacked by a group of people hired by the same that hired Radhasa and her allies to kill him. He found that one of the men that attacked him worked for Florius and ran back to find him sitting at a table, a knife wound in the base of his skull.

Glim and Annaïg back on Umbriel, defeated. They spent a few hours together before saying their goodbyes, and Annaïg headed back to the kitchen. She promised Glim that, while all they could do was continue to move forward, eventually they would be free. She then resolved to become stronger and more ambitious in order to survive.


Titus Mede I - Imperial Emperor. He has established a spy order to replace the Blades.

Attrebus - Prince of the Empire, and son of Titus Mede. After being contacted by Annaïg via her magical talisman Coo, Attrebus sets out to rescue her from Umbriel, until being captured by mercenaries. Attrebus has been coddled his whole life, and has inflated opinions of his abilities and standings, learning his "friends" loathe him, and his combat training was carefully orchestrated babysitting.


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