The First Doctor Boxset

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The First Doctor Boxset
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Doctor Who: The Lost Stories
Release number 09
Featuring Susan Foreman
Ian Chesterton
Writer Moris Farhi
(adapted by Nigel Robinson)
Director Lisa Bowerman John Ainsworth
Executive producer Nicholas Briggs
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Production code BFPDWLS09
Length 288 minutes
Release date 10 November 2010

The First Doctor Boxset is a Big Finish Productions audio drama set based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is in the Companion Chronicles format, a "talking book" narrated by the Doctor's companions with guest-star's voices, music and sound effects.

Farewell, Great Macedon


The First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara arrive in 323 BC, Babylon and befriend the King of Macedon, the ruler of the known world, Alexander the Great. They join Alexander on his travels, along with his generals and officers, including his brave but contemptuous father figure Cleitus, the wise Calanus of India, the nobel young Hephaestion, the Nubian bodyguard Ptolemy, the prophetic priest Iollas and the cunning Seleucus. Over the course of their weeks together, Alexander's greatest friends suffer horrible deaths. Suspicion falls on the Doctor and his companions, who must prove their worth to escape execution. But when the great king himself falls ill, his life is in their hands.


Episodes Titles

  1. The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon
  2. The Wrath Of The Greatest Grecian Of Them All! or O, Son! My Son!
  3. A Man Must Die
  4. The World Lies Dead At Your Feet
  5. In The Arena
  6. Farewell, Great Macedon!

The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance


The TARDIS arrives on a beautiful utopian world known as Fragrance. The Doctor persuades the peaceful inhabitants to build a filament that could improve his ship's navigation. And Barbara spends time with a young man named Rhythm, who falls in love with her. When his feelings are not reciprocated, his life is forfeit.


  • Susan Foreman - Carole Ann Ford
  • Ian Chesterton - William Russell
  • Rhythm - John Dorney
  • Melody/Harmony - Helen Goldwyn


  • In The Masters of Luxor, Barbara recalls visiting Fragrance. She also mentions having seen the Hanging Gardens of Babylon just the day before. However, Ian says their visit to Fragrance lasted a few weeks. Because of this, The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance may actually take place before Farewell, Great Macedon.


  • The original version of the script for Farewell, Great Macedon included a scene at the beginning where the TARDIS crew use a machine on the console that quickly teaches them how to speak ancient Greek. To avoid clashing with the now established psychic translation circuits, that scene was not included in this production.

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