The Futon Critic

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The Futon Critic
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Web address
Registration Optional
Available in English
Owner Futon Media
Created by Brian Ford Sullivan
Launched January 14, 1997
Current status Active

The Futon Critic is a website that publishes articles regarding prime time programming on broadcast and cable networks in the United States. Founded by Brian Ford Sullivan in 1997, the site publishes reviews of prime time programming and interviews of people in the television industry, as well as republishing Nielsen ratings data reports and press releases provided by television networks.


The site republishes Nielsen ratings provided by Nielsen Media Research (parent company logotype pictured).

Brian Ford Sullivan, CEO of Futon Media, registered The Futon Critic January 14, 1997.[1][2] From its founding, the site has published reviews on prime time programming, as well as having conducted interviews with members of the television industry.[3] The site also contains sections of articles dedicated to republishing press releases, network schedules and Nielsen ratings data, which have been cited by articles on websites such as The Huffington Post and TV by the Numbers.[4][5][6] Its publications of Nielsen ratings data have also been used as a resource by institutions such as the University of Colorado Boulder and Temple University.[7][8]

In 2009, Sullivan made an appearance on WGN's The Nick Digilio Show to discuss television and the Emmy nominations of the year on behalf of the site.[9] In 2010, Sullivan announced a new section of their site dedicated to tracking the availability of programming on digital distribution platforms, to be launched in August of the same year. He also announced the production of a television pilot to be released onto the section sometime after its launch; entitled .comEDY, it was pitched as a comedic look at the effects of the dot-com bubble burst around Silicon Valley.[2]


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