The High Windows

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The High Windows
Also known as HaChalonot HaGvohim
החלונות הגבוהים
Origin Israel
Genres Pop
Years active 1966–1968
Labels Hed Artzi
Members Arik Einstein
Shmulik Kraus
Josie Katz
The High Windows album cover

The High Windows (Hebrew: החלונות הגבוהים‎, HaHalonot HaGvohim) was a 1960s Israeli pop group founded by Arik Einstein, Shmulik Kraus and Josie Katz.


Hahalonot HaGvohim trio was formed at the end of 1966. As composer and vocal arranger, Kraus was the group's moving spirit. The group's debut album, which came out in April 1967, six weeks before the Six-Day War, signaled a new direction in local rock and pop.[1]

The band remained together for only one year. When Einstein left in the wake of a disagreement, Kraus and Josie Katz, then his wife, tried to build up a career in London, but without success.[1]

The band recorded pop music that was very light and catchy. Their songs, which went on to become Israeli classics, include Einech Yechola (You Can't), Kol HaShavua Lach (The Whole Week for You), Ahava Rishona (First Love), Yehezkel (Ezekiel), Chayal Shel Shokolad (Chocolate Soldier), Kama Naim (How Pleasant) and more.

Zemer Nugeh (A Sad Song), based on a poem by the Hebrew poetess Rachel was played by Ilan Ramon in space, and is one of the songs now associated with him.[citation needed]

Band members

  • Arik Einstein - Vocals
  • Shmulik Kraus - Guitars, Vocals
  • Josie Katz - Vocals



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