The John Denver Band

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The John Denver Band
Origin Colorado
Genres Folk, Country, Folk rock, Bluegrass
Years active 1969–1997
Labels RCA, BMG, Windstar, Sony Wonder
Past members John Denver
Mike Taylor
Dick Kniss
John Martin Sommers
John Henry
Russell Powell
Taffy Nivert
Bill Danoff
Steve Weisberg
Eric Weissberg
James Burton
Renee Armand
Glen D. Hardin
Jerry Carrigan
Jim Horn
Pete Huttlinger
Alan Deremo
Chris Nole
Connie Reeder
Herb Pedersen
Hal Blaine
Jerry Scheff
Emory Gordy Jr.
Danny Wheetman
Denny Brooks

The John Denver Band (a.k.a. The John Denver Experience) was a country-folk band active in the 1960s through the 1990s. Based out of Aspen, Colorado and led by guitarist-singer/songwriter John Denver, the band renditioned some of the most popular folk, country, rock and pop songs of the era.


The band met its demise after the death of Denver, who had made many changes to the format of the band in its 30 years of activity. Originally a guitar-bass-drums combination at the time of forming in 1969, the band evolved into a more vocal emphasis at their critical peak in the mid to late '70s, to a heavy soft-rock tempo in the 1980s, and to wind instrumentation in the 1990s.

In addition to Denver, other members included legendary fiddler/rhythm guitarist/banjoist/mandolinist/songwriter John Sommers, lead guitarist/resonator guitarist/pedal steel guitarist/songwriter Steve Weisberg, double bassist Dick Kniss, famous Los Angeles-based session drummer/percussionist Hal Blaine, lead guitarist/songwriter Mike Taylor, and Taffy Nivert and Bill Danoff (who were billed as Fat City from 1969 through 1972, and also in the Starland Vocal Band from 1976 to 1980). The original band included Denver, Taylor and Kniss.

The core of the band in 1997 included Pete Huttlinger on guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica and backing vocals; Chris Nole on piano, keyboards, and backing vocals; Alan Deremo on bass; and Michito Sanchez on drums and percussion.


It's unknown where and when The John Denver Band was formed, although many music experts have argued the most likely locations; Denver, Boulder or Aspen, Colorado (where later John Denver bands were formed and many recordings were made), Tucson, Flagstaff or Phoenix, Arizona (where Denver had been briefly living), Los Angeles, California (where the band made some of its first recordings), Minneapolis, Minnesota (where Denver's wife Annie was residing), Chicago, Illinois (which has been disregarded as a possibility by most critics despite early writings by members), or the most popular location; New York, New York (where they were signed by RCA in 1969). Today, the band's origins are attributed to Colorado, where both Denver and the majority of members hailed from. Aspen is today the site of all major administration for affairs of the former band.

Largely a folk-rock band which had evolved from the 1960s folk revival popularity, the band was a rebirth of country and western styles in a folk venue. New members often emerged from other bands and orchestras, as did leader John Denver, who arose from Mitchell Trio/Denver, Boise, Johnson fame.


Today, the remaining members of the band rarely perform; most recently in the Broadway tribute to the late music legend and founder John Denver. However, in recent years the music of Denver and his band have gained more popularity as recordings from rare and unreleased sessions have been made public.


For a detailed description see John Denver discography

In chronological order, 1969-1991 (U.S. Releases)

RCA Records

Windstar Records

Sony Records


  • "Friends With You" (1971) #47 US
  • "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (1971) #2 US
  • "The Eagle and the Hawk" (1971)
  • "Everyday" (1972) #81 US
  • "Goodbye Again" (1972) #88 US
  • "Farewell Andromeda (Welcome To My Morning)" (1973) #89 US
  • "I'd Rather Be A Cowboy" (1973) #62 US
  • "Please, Daddy" (1973)
  • "Rocky Mountain High" (1973) #9 US
  • "Sunshine on My Shoulders" (1974) #1 US
  • "Annie's Song" (1974) #1 US, #1 UK
  • "Back Home Again" (1974) #5 US
  • "Please, Daddy" (re-release) (1974) #69 US
  • "I'm Sorry" (1975) #1 US
  • "Christmas For Cowboys" (1975) #58 US
  • "Sweet Surrender" (1975) #13 US
  • "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" (1975) #1 US
    • B-side: "My Sweet Lady"
  • "Fly Away" (1976) #13 US
  • "It Makes Me Giggle" (1976) #60 US
  • "Like a Sad Song" (1976) #36 US
  • "Looking For Space" (1976) #29 US
  • "Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight" (1977) #65 US
  • "How Can I Leave You Again" (1977)
  • "My Sweet Lady" (1977) #32 US
  • "How Can I Leave You Again" (re-release) (1978) #44 US
  • "I Want To Live" (1978) #55 US
  • "Downhill Stuff" (1979)
  • "Sweet Melinda" (1979)
  • "What's On Your Mind" (1979)
  • "Autograph" (1980) #52 US
  • "Dancing With The Mountains" (1980) #97 US
  • "Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)" (1981) #38 US
  • "The Cowboy And The Lady" (1981) #66 US
  • "Perhaps Love" (with Plácido Domingo) (1982) #59 US, #42 UK
  • "Seasons Of The Heart" (1982) #78 US
  • "Shanghai Breezes" (1982) #31 US
  • "Wild Montana Skies" (w/Emmylou Harris) (1983)
  • "Love Again" (1984) #85 US
  • "Dreamland Express" (1985) #9 Hot Country Singles & Tracks US
  • "Along for the Ride ('56 T-Bird)" (1986)
  • "And So It Goes" (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band w/ John Denver) (1989) #14 Hot Country Singles & Tracks US
  • "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (re-release) (1993)#75 Hot Country Singles & Tracks US
  • "For You" (1995)

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