The Last Coiner

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File:Last coiner cover.jpg
The Last Coiner (#1) (November 2006)

The Last Coiner is an graphic novel, written by RTS Award winning filmmaker Peter M. Kershaw,[1] with comicbook artist Vince Danks whose credits include the Torchwood Official Magazine, the independently published Harker and Critchley from Ariel Press, and Fleetway Editions Ltd. Red Dwarf Smegazine.

The book tells the story of the 18th Century Cragg Vale Coiners in the graphic art form . "King" David Hartley, the leader of the Counterfeit gang of true crime history, is renamed David Hawksworth. Its production featured actors, including Keith Patrick as David Hawksworth and Mark Wilson Smith as Robert Smart, photographed against blue screen, forming a basis for the digitized artwork.

Multiple Platform

File:Keith Patrick on-set as the Last Coiner 01.jpg
Keith Patrick, during the making of The Last Coiner

Referencing the same events and characters Duchy Parade Films successively released a Graphic Novel featuring digitized actors, a docu-drama first seen at the Hebden Bridge Picture House, and an online game Coins & Nooses.

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