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The Motorola Television Hour is an hour-long anthology series which alternated bi-weekly with The United States Steel Hour on ABC. The show premiered on November 3, 1953 and was last aired on June 1, 1954. It was produced by Herbert Brodkin and sponsored by Motorola. Writers included Neil Simon, Rod Serling, and William McCleery. Its directors were Daniel Petrie, Ralph Nelson, and Don Richardson (director).[1][2] The series aired live from New York City

Episode list

No. Title Directed by Teleplay by Original air date
1 "Outlaw's Reckoning" Ralph Nelson Halsted Welles November 3, 1953 (1953-11-03)
An inn near a much-used bridge becomes a tense waiting place when the bridge is closed. (Episode was originally created for Plymouth Playhouse.)
2 "Westward the Sun" TBA TBA November 17, 1953 (1953-11-17)
3 "Brandenburg Gate" Ralph Nelson TBA December 1, 1953 (1953-12-01)
4 "At Ease" TBA Rod Serling December 15, 1953 (1953-12-15)
5 "The Thirteen Clocks" TBA James Thurber December 29, 1953 (1953-12-29)
A prince disguised as a minstrel must save a beautiful princess from her evil uncle.
6 "The Last Days of Hitler" TBA David Davidson January 12, 1954 (1954-01-12)
Likely based upon the book by historian Hugh Trevor-Roper covering the last ten days of Hitler's life.
7 "Side by Side" TBA William McCleery January 26, 1954 (1954-01-26)
8 "A Dash of Bitters" TBA Reginald Denham February 9, 1954 (1954-02-09)
9 "The Muldoon Matter" Don Richardon Rod Serling February 23, 1954 (1954-02-23)
10 "The Family Man" TBA William McCleery March 9, 1954 (1954-03-09)
11 "Nightmare in Algiers" Daniel Petrie Alvin Sapinsley March 23, 1954 (1954-03-23)
12 "The Sins of the Fathers" TBA David Davidson April 6, 1954 (1954-04-06)
Based upon a 1902 short story by Silas Weir Mitchell.
13 "Black Chiffon" TBA Philip Barry, Jr. April 20, 1954 (1954-04-20)
Adapted from the 1949 stage play of the same name by Lesley Storm.
14 "Love Song" TBA TBA May 4, 1954 (1954-05-04)
15 "Atomic Attack" Ralph Nelson David Davidson May 18, 1954 (1954-05-18)
A family in a New York City suburb deal with the aftermath of an H-bomb attack fifty miles away.
16 "Chivalry at Howling Creek" TBA TBA June 1, 1954 (1954-06-01)


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